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The video above demonstrates SESSION #3 of this week’s MovNat Training Sessions

Train with Stefano!

Learn IN PERSON with MovNat Expert Trainer & Team Instructor, Stefano Tripney – the creator and demonstrator of the MovNat Training Sessions.

Session 1

Warm Up: 2-3 Rounds : Hold Position for 1-2 Breaths


Squat Get Up : 2-3 Sets : 5-12x : Rest 1-2min


Single Leg Squat Get Up : 2-3 Sets : 1-5x/side : Rest 2-3min

Squat : 3-4 Sets : 6-8x : Rest 2-3min

Combo: 3-5 Rounds 

Session 2

Warm Up: 2-3 Rounds : Hold Position for 1-2 Breaths


Jumping Pull Up : 2-3 Sets : 5-8x : Rest 2min

Pull Up : 2-3 Sets : 5-8x : Rest 2min

Pull Up to Forearm Hang : 1-2 Sets : 1-3x/side : progress to next section for progression.

Pull Up Reach : 1-3 Sets : 4-6x alternating : rest 2min

If you are unable to perform the pull ups or the listed progressions, perform:

Side Hang to Scap Pull : 3-4 Sets : 6-12x : Rest 2min

Side Hang : 3-6 Sets : as long as you can ; Rest 2x longer than your hang time 

Combo: 3-5 Rounds 

Session 3

Warm Up: 2-3 Rounds : Hold Position for 1-2 Breaths


Option 1: Spend 15-20min practicing the following jumps as mixed clusters of 3-8x of singular or mixed skills, or in a series utilizing various skills : Rest as needed. Focus on precision and soft landings. Reps are only suggestions.

Option 2: 2-3 Sets/skill : Rest 2-3min

Add landing targets for precision, various distances, objects to jump over, onto, or off of.

Leg Swing Jump : 6-12x alternating sides

Split Sideways Jump : 6-12x alternating direction

Forward Jump : 5-8x

Double Forward Jump : 4-6x

Combo: 3-5 Rounds 

How to personalize your MovNat Training Sessions

When performing any of the MovNat Training Sessions you are encouraged to adapt the experience to meet your personal goals and current level of proficiency. 

Feel free to insert these sessions into your week in any order or block that you wish. A simple routine would be every other day, allowing 48hrs recovery between sessions. You can also omit sections of the session and focus on only the warm up, emphasis, or combo. ANY movement is better than NO movement. :)

We use VIC (Volume, Intensity, and Complexity) to adapt or progress the skills making them either more approachable or to add an extra challenge.

V – Volume – More repetitions or more time moving.
I – Intensity – Add a load, move slower or faster.
C – Complexity – Add obstacles, change the surface you move on.

These are just a few examples. You are limited only by your imagination. As your MovNat abilities and understanding mature you will find more ways to challenge and stimulate the experience and make it just right for YOU!

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