3-Hour INTRO workshops

The INTRO Workshop is the best way to start learning and experiencing the nature of MovNat. It’s an easy-entry overview of the basics of moving naturally and what it means to be “naturally fit” in comparison to conventional fitness. You will see how Natural Movement is accessible and necessary for every human being.

6-Hour ELEMENTS workshops

The ELEMENTS Workshop provides a comprehensive introduction to the philosophy, methodology, and application of MovNat. Whether you have a general interest in movement or already possess a basic level of fitness, this 6-hour workshop will open up a new world of possibilities for you within the realm of Natural Movement.

*NOTE: Attendance at any MovNat INTRO or ELEMENTS workshop entitles you to a special discount toward any MovNat Certification event! (Coupon code provided after workshop attendance).


2-DAY Natural Ground Movement WORKSHOPS

When your mind wants Adventure, but your body isn’t ready, Natural Ground Movement is your gateway.

Enjoy the integration of movement theory and practice through Natural Ground Movement positions, transitions, and improvisational and playful flows! This workshop provides the first and only Fitness, Rehabilitation & Prevention method that is backed by nature, biology and evolution.

More 2-Day Natural Ground Movement workshops COMING SOON!


2-DAY MovNat Medical WORKSHOPS

Clinical Applications of Natural Movement

MovNat Medical is the most complete and fundamental movement course for practicing medical clinicians available, anywhere. Learn how to teach, integrate, and progress Natural Movement into your treatment plan of care with a focus beyond healing and into the realm of restoring full function as a human being – not just a diagnosis. 

This course is specifically geared toward licensed medical professionals, including but not limited to Doctors of Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Osteopathy and other professionals that treat movement disorders (e.g. Athletic Trainers, Nurses, etc.)

If you are serious about teaching integrated movement instead of only isolated “exercises” to your patients, this course will give you a deep dive into why Natural Movement is trusted by health professionals all around the world.

More MovNat Medical workshops COMING SOON!


Multi-Day MovNat RETREATS

Looking for an Immersive MovNat experience?

If you are wanting to dive deeper than a workshop, consider a fully immersive MovNat Retreat in nature. This is where MovNat started. And it is still our goal – training in nature. It is the truest form of human movement, and the best way to practice. These “Immersive” workshops, led by a MovNat Master Instructor are held in locations around the world with abundant natural beauty and terrain. If you truly want to get out of the zoo and awaken the animal within yourself, there is nothing better than immersive training in nature.

Upcoming Foundations Retreat in BEAUTIFUL Sardinia, Italy

Past MovNat Retreat Highlights


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Upcoming workshops


1 Day Elements Workshop: Reading, UK

MovNat UK 3-5 Sidmouth Street, Reading, England, United Kingdom

This 6-hour (1 day) workshop is a comprehensive introduction to the philosophy, methodology, and application of MovNat. Note: Registration closes 2 days prior to event. Description The ELEMENTS Workshop provides... Read More

Natural Ground Movement Workshop: Berlin, Germany

Waldorf School Berlin-Southeast Bruno-Bürgel-Weg 9, Berlin, Berlin, Germany

This specialty workshop provides the first and only Fitness, Rehabilitation & Prevention method that is backed by nature, biology and evolution. Fundamental human movement meets the magic of flows in... Read More

Combatives Workshop: Madrid, Spain

R10LabMad. MovNat Entrenamiento Natural. C. de Baños de Montemayor, 6, Madrid, Spain

Description Location Schedule Saturday: 8am-6pmSunday: 8am-6pmNote: Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to prepare for each day’s activity. Additional Information