You don’t have to be an elite athlete living in an exotic location to reap the benefits of Natural Movement Fitness.

Natural Movement is for EVERYONE. And you can get started at any age, ability, or fitness level – whether you have a gym membership, live close to nature, or neither.

Due to the comprehensive nature of the MovNat system, and the extensive resources available, it can be challenging to know where to begin with your Natural Movement Training.

Whether you prefer to workout and train in-person with the supervision and personalized feedback from a MovNat Certified Trainer; follow a written, detailed, progressive manual with video demos; complete a new, unique, complete follow-along workout video every week; or work at your own pace through an engaging beginner-friendly E-Course – we have what you need!

That’s why we have gathered our BEST Beginner-friendly solutions here – so that you can start feeling and moving better TODAY.

MovNat Beginner Solution #1:

E-Book: MovNat Training Guide for Beginners

The ULTIMATE Beginner Guide

This E-Book, packed with 60 Beginner-Level Workouts, provides you with all you need to get started NOW and move you towards a future of increased mobility, strength, balance, and overall physical competency!

Who is the Beginner Workouts E-Book for?

  • Anyone seeking to LEARN the well-rounded, comprehensive MovNat system in a PROGRESSIVE format.
  • Fitness professionals seeking a STRUCTURED template for running successful and engaging beginner-level MovNat Training sessions.
  • Anyone PREPARING for (or considering) the MovNat Level 1 Certification.
  • Those seeking to build the CONFIDENCE to attend any LIVE MovNat Event with improved movement and fitness abilities.
  • Perfect for those new to MovNat who are looking for a fresh and unique PERSPECTIVE on what FITNESS can be!
  • Anyone eager to ENJOY the Every-Day Practicality and FUN that comes with MovNat Training.
  • Those looking to EMPOWER themselves by elevating physical competence BEYOND Beginner and into Intermediate level training.
  • Anyone aiming to improve their LONGEVITY through increased mobility, strength, balance and overall physical competency.

What do you get in the MovNat Beginner Workouts E-Book?

  • 20 Weeks of Programming
  • 110+ brand new skill & movement videos, linked in every workout, featuring MovNat Expert Trainer & Team Instructor, Bernd Reicheneder
  • 3 Sessions Every Week
  • 3 Parts To Each Session: Warm-Up, Skill(s), Combo
  • Convenient list of beginner-friendly fitness equipment and/or natural objects needed to complete the 20 weeks of workouts
  • 83 total pages – including detailed guidelines for each piece of the session structure: Warm-Up, Skill(s) and Combo
  • Total of 60 unique and fun opportunities to move your body naturally!

BEST DEAL: Get the best-selling Beginner Workouts E-Book + the Intermediate Workouts E-Book at a discounted price!

MovNat Beginner Solution #2:

Beginner-Friendly LIVE Events:
Workshops & Level 1 Certification Events

There is truly no replacement for the enriching experience of connecting with other humans in the fun, challenging, active and rewarding environment of an in-person MovNat movement workshop or certification event.

Try a 3-hour INTRO workshop, perfect for beginners! Further challenge yourself with a 6-hour ELEMENTS workshop.

Still Beginner-Friendly, though a more preparation is required before attendance, the MovNat Level 1 Certification Event is the most established, complete, and recognized movement course you can find, anywhere. It is a truly life-changing experience where you will dive into the philosophy, practice, and principles of MovNat. Whether you want to teach MovNat to others or develop your movement practice to the fullest capacity – If you are serious about movement – this is what you do.

MovNat Beginner Solution #3:

MovNat E-Courses – Great options to start your MovNat journey

Our MovNat Online Academy offers three levels of E-Courses: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. We recommend you start with the Beginner courses and progress to the other categories as your MovNat practice grows and evolves.

Get ALL the MovNat Beginner level E-Courses at a discounted combination price with the E-Course Beginner Bundle!

MovNat Beginner Solution #4:

FREE Guided MovNat Training Session Video – Delivered Weekly

Follow-along sessions for at-home training. Step-by-step demonstration from MovNat Master Instructor, Stefano Tripney.

While the weekly MovNat Training Session typically includes variations to accommodate ALL levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, you can simply follow the appropriate variation for your current fitness and movement abilities.

Every week, delivered to straight to your inbox when you sign up for our True Nature Newsletter, you receive the latest MovNat Training session follow-along video. Each session includes the components of any standard MovNat session: Warm Up, Skill Emphasis, and Combo (as seen in all 60 sessions of the MovNat Training Guide for Beginners E-Book)