The MovNat Certification is the most established, complete, and recognized movement course you can find, anywhere. It is the industry standard. If you are serious about movement – this is what you do.


Level 1: the foundation

Level 1 is all about the basics. We show you how movements are broken down and taught. We start with the stuff that everybody needs – Ground Movement. Crawl. Deep Squat. Get up and get down. Most importantly you learn how to think and talk about movement as a professional. You’ll learn that it has a specific language, foundations, and progressions. We teach you how to rebuild movement capability from the ground up. It’s the foundation for everything.

The L1 Cert

The MovNat cert is hands on – all the way. We don’t just tell you, we show you. And then you show us. This is the only way to really teach movement. Before you show up, you’ll be expected to have absorbed the study materials. There is an extensive L1 cert manual and video library covering all the movements and concepts we will be discussing at the cert.


Level 2: the next level

Level II is a totally different animal. A high level of movement proficiency is expected. It isn’t easy – but it’s worth it. Most of what people think of as “MovNat” – the climbing over natural obstacles, vaulting over downed trees, etc – is all L2 movement. You’ve got to crawl before you can jump. And you’ve got to be L1 before you can be L2. Not only are the movements more advanced, but the understanding of movement is more advanced. If you pass L2, you’ll be truly proficient. You’ll be able to help someone that can’t squat, create goal focused programs, and work with an elite athlete to fix their movement deficiencies.

The L2 Cert

L2 is two pretty intense days. The most common way to do it is to combine it with the L1 cert and do them back to back. This might sound like a lot, and it is, but you only have to travel once and there are cost savings.


Level 3: master level

The MovNat Level III Certification is our master level course for the most committed and passionate Natural Movement students. Want to be a MovNat team instructor? You’ll need to be L3. Are you fully committed to movement as a life? As a way of helping others? L3 might be for you. Learn More.


Specialty certifications

We also periodically host specialty certifications in combatives and aquatics



Failure in any area of evaluation will result in no certification being issued to participant. However, logistics permitting, the candidates who fail some of the tests might be allowed to re-take the tests during the same week-end.



Candidates must have some basic knowledge of human anatomy & physiology and/or kinesiology.

They also must be:

• 18 years old
• CPR/AED certified.

Non Discrimination

Natural Movement is for everyone. MovNat endorses the principles of equal opportunity – the MCT program is available to all participants regardless of age, race, religion, gender, national origin, veteran status, sexual preference or orientation.


The default language is English. However, depending on the local logistics, some workshops might have a local MovNat Trainer who could translate some lectures. The written exam is always in English, though


Payment Details

All participants are required to register for the Certificate at using the link for the specific event. Arrangements to pay by check or other method are permissible, please contact MovNat at to obtain specific details.

To inquire about the possibility of a payment plan please contact


Use of MovNat certificate and trademark

Important information

  • Both “MovNat” and “Natural Movement” are USPTO registered trademarks. MovNat LLC owns the exclusive right of use in commerce of both trademarks. The use in commerce of both the MovNat and Natural Movement trademarks by MovNat Certified Trainers is subject to specific limitations (see below).
  • For information regarding becoming a MovNat/Natural Movement affiliate, please contact us.

MovNat Certified Trainer (MCT) Privileges Prerequisite: MovNat Certified

Movnat Certified Trainer Rights:

  • List the trainer certification on personal business materials, as follows: Your name, MovNat Certified Trainer (or MovNat Natural Movement Trainer)
  • Designate that you are a “MovNat Certified Trainer” or “MovNat Natural Movement Trainer” on your website, business cards, and all promotional materials.
  • Use the MovNat Certified Trainer logo which will be available upon completion of the course.
  • Use the MovNat Certified Trainer logo in the certified trainer’s business materials.*
  • We recommend wearing MovNat or “MovNat Natural Movement Fitness” on your local branded attire when teaching MovNat.
  • Have access to the private MCT Forum hosted on


  • Cannot use the MovNat or Natural Movement trademarks, names, slogans, artwork, photos, videos or copy content from the MovNat website in any other business or promotional manner.
  • Linking to content and videos on the MovNat, LLC site is acceptable.
  • Cannot use the MovNat or Natural Movement trademark and name in your business name, videos, web address, or facility name.
  • The MovNat Certified Trainer title does not allow for the use of MovNat and Natural Movement trademarks, names, slogans, artwork, photos, or content from the MovNat website in any other business or promotional manner.
  • Any MovNat videos you develop for your website must be high-quality, professional and approved by MovNat, LLC

Please contact us at with any additional questions you have regarding MovNat Certification.