Why maintain Active Trainer Membership?

MovNat is proud of the several thousands of MovNat Certified Trainers who have been trained in every part of the globe since Erwan Le Corre started it in 2009. And you should be proud too, because during your certification course, you not only learned how to teach Natural Movement skills that really make a difference in the lives of millions of people, but you also demonstrated your ability to perform those skills with a high level of proficiency.

MovNat and its philosophy continues to grow and we want you to grow with us and stay active in the MovNat community worldwide. We want to help you keep your MovNat skills and knowledge sharp and up-to-date and take advantage of a long list of benefits, exclusive to MCTs that maintain an ACTIVE Trainer Membership.


What do you get?

As a MovNat Trainer with an ACTIVE Membership you have EXCLUSIVE access to:

  • Updated Trainer Manuals – Our training methodology has evolved and ACTIVE members always receive any and all updated Trainer manuals and teaching material relevant to your Trainer level as they are released.
  • MovNat certificate – Highlighting that you are in ACTIVE status for 3 years. As of January 2023, all Level 1 and 2 Certifications and Renewals (online and/or in-person Renewals) keep you in ACTIVE membership status for 3 years.
  • Exclusive emails – Receive specific emails about events, news and special discounts (apparel, e-courses, events) that are only for MovNat Trainers with ACTIVE membership status.
  • Facebook Community – Interact within the Active MCTs-only Facebook group to exchange teaching tips and ideas.
  • Trainer Listing – Proudly display yourself and your business within the updated “Find a Trainer” list and map on the MovNat website, making it simple for potential clients your area to find you.
  • Teach MovNat Workshops—Teach MovNat workshops (curriculum provided by the MovNat Team) and advertise them on the MovNat website. This is an excellent opportunity for a MovNat Trainer who wants to grow their business, connect with the local community, and enhance their teaching skills. Eligibility: Level 2 MCT or higher.

How to Maintain or Return to Active Trainer Membership status?

We make it as convenient and cost-effective as possible for you to maintain – or return to – ACTIVE Membership status. It’s all about testing your skills and helping you to improve, and this can be done online or in person.

Online Renewal (For those with Certification Expiring Soon)

$450 USD

$350 USD

Submit videos of various skills that a designated MovNat Team Instructor will explain to you in detail. Online renewal of your Trainer Membership provides you with one-on-one personalized guidance from a MovNat Team Instructor. It is a very flexible way to renew at any time, from the comfort of your home.


Renew by Re-Attendance (For those with Certification Expiring Soon)

$540 USD – Level 1
$440 USD – Level 2
$780 USD – Level 1+2

You can re-attend the same level of MovNat Certification course that you attended in the past at 60% OFF the full price! You will have to attend the whole course, and pass the same tests, at the same time as the other participants. If successful, you will receive a new certification date and return to ACTIVE Membership Status.

Email [email protected] for a coupon code to register at the price listed above. (*no event transfers allowed)


Re-Attendance for those that attended an event, but never passed their Certification

$675 USD – Level 1
$550 USD – Level 2
$975 USD – Level 1+2
$1,075 USD – Level 3

If you have previously attended a MovNat Certification event, but never passed the certification process, you can re-attend the same level of MovNat Certification course at 50% OFF the full price!

For example, if you attended a Level 2 event in the past, but never passed all the tests to become certified, you may attend a new Level 2 Event at 50% discount. You must attend the whole course, and pass the same tests, at the same time as the other participants.

Email [email protected] for a coupon code to register at the price listed above. (*no event transfers allowed)


How are MCTs incorporating MovNat?

“MovNat has opened up a world of new business opportunities for me…My new understanding of human movement has allowed me to reach a larger demographic of people – from young athletes to die-hard golfers to the aging population…I now have a surplus of business opportunities and not enough hours in the week to service the demand.”

Karina Stuke, Level 1 MCT, Certified Fitness Trainer and Health Coach

“I have been able to incorporate the foundations of natural movement with every patient and client I’ve worked with.”

Tim Cummings, PT, DPT, Level 1 MCT, MovNat Combatives trained

“At my old gym, I kinda became the “go-to” guy…and it was also funny to see my manager’s face when I strolled in with a 2×4 to use with clients who had progressed from the floor. Soon after, ALL the other trainers were wanting to utilize this simple tool instead of the BOSU ball for their clients’ balance work. Being able to break down all of these movements into simple and progressive steps is where MovNat is really leading the way with its education.”

Richard Michael Lee, Level 1 MCT, NASM-CPT, NASM-CES, OTC

“…Bringing back natural movement into a gym training environment has added a high degree of “fun” while at the same time providing challenging levels of exercise that are accessible to all ages. I really like the change.”

Julie Beck, Level 2 MCT, MovNat Combatives trained, Personal Trainer

“I have been able to incorporate MovNat into my rehab practice and strength training. It has also been great being able to incorporate it into my strength and conditioning practice working with rugby athletes.”

Dr. Steve Politis, DPT, Level 1 MCT