The MovNat Level 3 Certification is our course for the most committed and passionate Natural Movement students.

This 4-day course builds on the fundamental techniques and variations covered in the Level 1 and 2 certifications. Level 3 techniques are more challenging, and demand more athleticism, physical ability, mental stamina, efficiency, and mindfulness. But this course is about so much more than the advanced movements or the higher conditioning levels. It’s truly a mind, body, spirit experience like no other.

About the program

The 4 days are equally divided into teaching and practice, with some lecture time providing a well-deserved rest to the participants. Training is conducted primarily outdoors in a natural environment. Upon passing, the Level 3 MovNat Trainer will have the tools to teach the complete spectrum of Level 3 techniques safely and competently in an indoor or outdoor environment.

Student Feedback: Level 3 Stories

“Words fail to express the amazing experience I had at the MovNat Level 3 Certification, which is by far my favorite training course I’ve ever attended. There were so many highlights: new and stronger friendships, overcoming fears, failures, and challenges, personal breakthroughs, leaps of faith, deep connections and meaningful conversations, just to name a few. I had two major takeaways. The first is that we are capable of so much more than we think we are. The second is that L3 is about so much more than the advanced movement skills. This is truly whole person training; mind, body, and spirit merged with land and tribe. L3 is the pièce de résistance of MovNat; or, akin to going for your black belt in Natural Movement. It’s an experience I’m immensely grateful for. If you love movement and also love a challenge, I recommend it wholeheartedly.” – John Sifferman, MovNat Expert Trainer (Read more of John’s L3 Cert Review)

“Right away, the magic of the experience was apparent, from the beautiful high desert ecology and epic sunsets to the feeling of moving freely in nature all day long and interacting with high quality humans on the landscape. My nerves dissipated once I met the group and felt the natural bond that comes when good people with similar interests face fun challenges together. As we walked barefoot silently up a creek bed, meeting at the top to quietly look out at the horizon, I felt my life purpose coming into greater clarity. My advice is this: if you’re considering Level 3, just go for it. I guarantee you’ll have a blast, and make some great friendships along the way.” – Diana Matula, MovNat Team Instructor (Read more of Diana’s L3 Cert Review)

“Level 3 is everything I expected it to be and then some. It had the best coaching for movement I have ever experienced, and I am a Physical Education Teacher who has been through a huge amount of education.  The coaches live what they teach and it shows. You can go into Level 3 as prepared as ever, but somewhere in the event you will grow in a way that you didn’t prepare for and that is a huge part of why I thought my Level 3 experience was so special.  On a personal level, my Level 3 experience taught me how mentally tough I can be and how my mind can overpower my body to be successful toward my goals.  On a professional level, this Level 3 experience taught me that I am ready to lead and teach others in the MovNat way of life and training methods.” – Nick Fialcowitz, Level 3 MovNat Certified Trainer (Read more of Nick’s L3 Cert Review)

“The Level 3 Certification is more than just a baseline fitness coaching certification. It is an immersive 4-day event that will challenge you both physically and mentally. It is truly a test of self. You will grow from this event, regardless of the outcome. I have been on a journey to rewild my life. Piecemealing various experiences to help create the modern equivalent of a rite of passage. Participating in L3 definitely helped me in this pursuit. I can now add one more accomplishment in my pursuit of living a less civilized life in an effort to be more wild, happy, and healthy.” – Rock Hancock, MovNat Team Instructor and founder of MovNat Madison (Read more of Rock’s L3 Cert Review)

“The certification took me out of my comfort zone and showed me that I was capable of much more in regards to my movement capacity.  Every aspect of my character was put to the test. If you want an incredible Natural Movement immersive experience, something that will affect you profoundly both physically and mentally, sign up for the L3.  If you want to challenge and strengthen all aspects of your being, sign up for the L3.” – Nick Burroughs, Physical Therapist and Level 3 MovNat Certified Trainer (Read more of Nick’s L3 Cert Review)

“The whole event was shaped by the challenge to constantly move in new context…in a variety that can only be met “out there” in nature. More than once I personally entered my mental and physical battle areas due to certain heights, weights, circumstances that pushed me out of my comfort zone. In these crucial moments, it was Danny with his amazing perception and sensitivity when and how to adjust exercises and tests who made them possible. His parameters always hit the sweet spot where the tasks were still challenging for me as the only female and overall lightest and shortest participant, but where I could still manage them with the right mindset and focus.” – Kathi Havlicek, L3 MovNat Certified Trainer (Read more of Kathi’s L3 Cert Review)

“It is comforting to know that there are people of courage still left in our world that are willing to grow through baptisms of fire. We all have our own demons to confront. As modern people from parts of the world where we are privileged to enjoy a relatively comfortable lifestyle, it is necessary for us to ‘return to nature’ and understand how we have been gifted as human beings with an extraordinary planet to enjoy, protect, respect and be grateful for.” – Munawar Karim, Level 3 MovNat Certified Trainer (Read more of Munawar’s L3 Cert Review)

“We all got the chance to challenge ourselves and to get a glimpse into the true depth of Natural Movement. At times, I felt like I was at a savage boot camp, and sometimes it was more like a cozy movement retreat. The variety of natural environments and the unpredictability we encountered just proved the initial advice true: “be adaptable.” I’m endlessly grateful for this experience. It helped me to gain insight into my strengths and weaknesses and to see beyond the physical aspect of Natural Movement. The journey certainly doesn’t end here. MovNat stands for a philosophy, a lifestyle, and a community that I’m proud to be part of.” – Gergely Csapo, Level 3 MovNat Certified Trainer (Read more of Geri’s L3 Cert Review)

List of techniques covered by the Level 3 certification

Techniques covered include sprints and changes of direction, advanced vaults like the Inverted Vault, athletic climbing techniques like the Power-Up, rope climbing techniques, like the Push-Pull Traverse or the Hook-Swing Traverse, and of course, the lifting and carrying techniques that have made MovNat videos so popular, like Log Shouldering (one or several people), Stone Lifting, etc.

  • Single Leg Squat Get Up
  • Balancing Get Up/ Down
  • Balancing Carry
  • Fireman Carry Squat
  • Log Lifting
  • Log Carrying
  • Spinning Throw/Catch
  • Sprinting
  • Power Jump
  • Forward Jump to Precision Landing
  • Split Vertical Jump
  • Dive Roll
  • Vertical Foot Pinch
  • Rope Climb Vertical
  • Rope Traversing
  • Swing Off
  • Forward Swing Reverse
  • Wall Climb
  • Power Up
  • Front Vault Up
  • Belly Vault
  • Inverted Vault

Note: Techniques taught at the certification may vary.

Level 3 requirements

The requirements to participate in this event and become certified as a Level 3 MovNat Trainer are:

  • Hold a current certification as a Level 2 MovNat Trainer
  • Pass the physical competence tests (with a lifetime window to submit videos)

Level 3 testing requirements:

As a teacher level certification, candidates for the MCT level 3 credential will be tested to display their competence in the following areas:

  • Efficiency in all the Level 3 techniques
  • Adaptability to execute unrehearsed combinations of Level 3 techniques in complex environments
  • Conditioning to demonstrate any Level 3 technique multiple times in a row
  • Ability to teach others in an effective and safe manner

Candidates will be provided with a preparation guide immediately upon registering.

Upcoming level 3 Certifications:


Level 3 Certification: Santa Fe, NEW MEXICO

Santa Fe, New Mexico Santa Fe, New Mexico

Level 3 techniques are more challenging and demand more athleticism, physical ability, mental stamina, efficiency, and mindfulness. This event is for the adventurous, the passionate, the committed. Description Prerequisites: You... Read More

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Level 3 Certification: Étréchy, Essonne, FRANCE

Étréchy, Essonne, France Étréchy, Essonne, France

Level 3 techniques are more challenging and demand more athleticism, physical ability, mental stamina, efficiency, and mindfulness. This event is for the adventurous, the passionate, the committed. Description Prerequisites: You... Read More

Get Tickets $1,740.00