Erwan has been training UFC fighter Carlos Condit the past months. Even elite athletes can work on their movement skills. What Carlos learns applies to us all… watch the video.

“I am blown away by the progress I’ve made since starting my training with Erwan Le Corre. And with that progress has come major improvements in many aspects of my martial arts practice. On top of that my body feels better than it ever has, and after 13+ years fighting professionally, that’s saying something.” – CARLOS CONDIT

If you are interested in training with Erwan, you have a chance this February. He’ll be hosting a Foundations of Natural Movement retreat in Mexico. Learn more here.

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    […] What do the Navy Seals and some MMA fighters have in common? Lucy and I aren’t the only ones to be interested in this approach.  MovNat Natural Movement has been adopted by some Navy Seal teams to increase the movement options available to their soldiers in varying terrain. For example, if they always get up on their left hand (see pic), when the situation called for it, would they be as fast getting up on their right hand? Only if they effectively train both techniques.  It’s not only soldiers that see value in training fundamental movements; recently some MMA fighters have seen how it could help them become better balanced and more adaptable whilst competing, most notably Carlos Condit – see what he has to say here: https://www.MovNat Natural Natural Movement-training/ […]


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