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Crossfit BodyInMotion

At CrossFit BodyInMotion we believe in an integrated approach to movement based functional fitness. Working capacity and increasing movement complexity through CrossFit and MovNat form the cornerstones of our programming.

Our mission is to help you find the way to a healthier lifestyle through movement, nutrition and mindfulness.

At the moment the CFBiM gyms are the only ones in Asia to offer a customized MovNat training environment that is fit to train for any level in Natural Movement, as well as the only Level 3 certified coach in the region. Currently we are building a team of MovNat coaches of L1 and above, both English and Chinese speaking to accomodate our future branches throughout Shanghai.

Our head coach Oki Alexander was among the first to be certified in the MovNat system. Trained as an architect but raised as a mover he mostly specialized in martial arts during his youth. Frustrated by injuries due to his specialization he searched for a more holistic and sustainable way of training and found MovNat. Now he believes that the best way to grow old gracefully is to train the way our body is designed to move, and ever since this has been the foundation of his training regime.


Concept of Movement

Barrie, Ontario, Canada
Concept of Movement provides a foundation of movement strategies and corrective exercises that are tailored to each individual person to correct imbalances in movement patterns. Building on this strong foundation of good mobility and strength, clients can accel at performing more complex movements and reduce the risk of injury.

MovNat’s fundamental principles and philosophy of practical and functional movement is an integral part of our rehabilitation, corrective exercises and overall human performance.

Concept of Movement is a sports performance and rehabilitation centre offering physiotherapy, massage therapy, strength and conditioning and acupuncture as well as many other health services.

Munchen, Germany

Bernd Reicheneder (born in 1974) studied at the Technical University of Munich from 2000 to 2005 and made his degree in sports science. He has also completed a Master’s degree in Classical Archaeology at the LMU Munich in 2010.The combination of the intense practice of Shotokan Karate since 1989, the athletic versatility, knowledge of human physiology and its cultural development have him established in 2010 whith the unique concept of TESTING – TRAINING – MOVING: To build up the human body from dysfunction to real physical competence with MovNat. His huge experience as a teacher of children, youth and adult groups, the expertise in implementing Testing-Systems, the systematic build-up of physical integrity and transfer into the revolutionary MovNat-Concept makes his approach unique.Bernd’s Certifications: MovNat MCT, PDnR (2010 License Physiodiagnstiker n Rosenberg), FMS (2011 Certified Functional Movement Screen Specialist Level 2)

MovNat Singapore

Mission Statement: To reach out and share with the people in Singapore a
practical and sustainable movement education system to optimize physical
capacity, health and general well-being.

Gordon Woon: Gordon has always been interested in sports, health, human
movement and performance. He began exploring efficient running methods (aka
“barefoot” running) in 2009 while living in the USA, which in turn led to
his interest in MovNat. He had attended MovNat training workshops in
Thailand and Singapore before taking the plunge to become a MovNat
Certified Trainer. Gordon is also an experienced Physiotherapist, is
Functional Movement Systems certified and a Guild Certified Feldenkrais
Method Practitioner. With his unique background, he understands that
together with nutrition and lifestyle factors, practicing fundamental
movement skills as taught in MovNat will not only maximize one’s physical
capacity, but also optimizes health and well-being.As a healthcare
professional, Gordon is qualified to create customized movement programs
that are safe, effective and sustainable, thereby helping his clients meet
their objectives. Gordon had training in Kyudo (traditional Japanese
archery) and Taiji Chuan. He incorporated MovNat Singapore PTE LTD in April
2013. Website:

MovNat Entrenamiento Natural

MovNat Entrenamiento Natural, the first company to be MovNat affiliate in Spain, was founded by four experts in philosophy and paleo diet, fitness and active living through natural movement (they are the Barefoot Runners Society Spain Chapter presidents, but also have a lot of certs and experience in fitness, crossfit, mountainering, martial arts,….).

As they have the highest level of certification in Spain (MCT L2) they teach in Spanish and English all over Spain from their base in Madrid. If you have any difficulties to learn MovNat in English, count on us to help you.
The services offered are: MovNat workshop for individuals, groups and families, kidsfit, paleo Coaching, transition to barefoot, and

Olof Flemström

Stockholm, Sweden
Olof is passionate about discovering and investigating what mankind really is designed for life and how to apply it best in the present, relating to diet (started eating Paleo back in 2003), movement (encountered MovNat 2011), health, survival, behavior and deeper into the “unknown”. He wants to help others achieve the same insights as him, or “just” feel better, be stronger, healthier and more skilled in movement when it really counts.
He has a bachelor degree in Physical Education from Stockholm University and has worked as a P.E-teacher for five years. Was elected “Best teacher, year 1-5” of the year 2010 in the municipality. Has was also a soccer head coach for boys in AIK for five years.

He has a broad working life experience including positions as a docker, data vendor and care-giver for the disabled.
Right now Olof is reading a master’s program in educational leadership and Chinese – he was an exchange student in China 2007 and has traveled in 45 countries.
Olof´s Certifications: Certified MovNat-instructor in 2012, a bachelor degree in Physical Education 2008, UEFA Basic Level 1 soccer trainer certification 2006


At FitHab, we have several defining principles that set us apart. We believe fitness should be simple, efficient, fun, safe, and ideally outdoors. We can train FitHab anywhere – in your home, a park, a playground, in the woods, and even at a gym. Wherever we are, we help you make fitness a habit.

Our mission is to contribute to a better quality of life by helping the community understand the importance of active living, by motivating and supporting clients with a positive attitude and in depth knowledge to help them overcome uncertainties.

FitHab Base Camp is located in Redwood City, CA. We train clients and have classes in Redwood City, Emerald Hills, Palo Alto, San Carlos, Woodside, Menlo Park, Atherton, Portola Valley, and other areas along the Peninsula. We also have an expanding video library, pictures from our adventures in fitness, articles and research, and our blog. We are also able to offer remote training sessions and coaching over a broadband Internet connection.
FitHab, LLC.
50 Woodside Plaza, Suite #440
Redwood City, CA 94061


Joshua Primero, San Francisco, CA
In his youth and high school days Josh was an active kid doing things like Tae Kwon Do, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, and Squash. Then college occurred and five years of pizza, beer, and computer staring took it’s toll and made Josh fat, out of shape, and lazy.

With a master’s degree in Computer Engineering in hand Josh took his programming skills to Silicon Valley to pursue a career in software but he realized something was missing. He started trying to get back in shape and started doing obstacle course races like Tough Mudder. Then one momentous day, he came across the MovNat video of Erwan on Youtube doing MovNat. “This is exactly what I was looking for” he thought.

After doing his first MovNat workshop Josh became hooked and went on to become one of the first certified MovNat trainers. Josh did this because he honestly believes in the liberating power movement and nature can have in everyone’s lives. Now with SFMovNat he is looking to share his movement discoveries with the lovely people of the Bay Area.

Certifications: MCT Level 2, Tae Kwon Do 2nd Degree Black Belt

Minnesota Movnat

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
MovNat Minnesota uses the MovNat© natural human movement training system to help people of all fitness levels move more efficiently with power and grace. We prefer to train outdoors whenever possible to enhance our connection to nature, but MovNat is adaptable to any environment, so we can train anywhere!
(612) 804-3804

MovNat Philadelphia

Josh Vogel
Philadelphia, Pensylvannia, USA
Josh grew up playing in the woods, climbing trees, skateboarding and pretending he was a ninja. As an adult, he got involved in the martial arts and found himself drawn to the efficient, practical and engaging training methods of Gracie Jiujitsu. Discovering Movnat through a friend, he immediately fell in love with the system and found it to be a perfect vehicle for developing fitness, connecting with his environment (whether it be urban or in natural settings), expressing creativity and being mentally engaged and enjoying movement.

Josh sees Movnat as the perfect way to help his community reclaim a healthy lifestyle through practical, natural and efficient movement and his goal is to simply help people accomplish their goals in a fun and engaging way.

Josh is a Movnat certified trainer, a Gracie Jiujitsu Black belt under the Migliarese brothers and a Level 1 Kettlebell coach under Jason C Brown
(267) 809-6620