Our Local Partner program brings MovNat to your local market and allows your business to benefit from our world-wide recognition as the leader in Natural Movement Fitness.


What is a Local Partner?

A MovNat Local Partner is a business entity (owned by a MovNat Certified Trainer or that has one on staff) such as a gym, medical clinic, or other facility where they instruct MovNat and/or Natural Movement sessions, classes, workshops, retreats, and/or provide other services (e.g. medical consultations). This title requires a license and is for those who want to represent MovNat in their local market. Our Local Partners gain exclusive rights to bear the MovNat trademarks and logos.

Enrolling as a Local Partner requires special criteria to be met. If you are an active MovNat Certified Trainer and own or work at a gym, personal training or yoga studio, medical clinic, or have another similar business, you may be eligible for a Local Partner License.


Why become a Local Partner?

Here are some of the ways a MovNat Local Partner License can help you succeed as a professional and grow your business.

  • Global brand recognition from associating with the World Leader in Natural Movement Fitness.
  • The right to commercial use of our trademarks (i.e. “MovNat®” and “Natural Movement®”) in your business name, website address, social media account titles, and other official promotional materials to promote your business via print, digital and video media.
  • Opportunities to be featured in MovNat’s main marketing channels (website, newsletter, social media, etc.).
  • The right to use MovNat’s Natural Movement® Modular Equipment System.
  • FREE Workshop Leader Starter Kit ($50 value), with the agreement any Intro or Elements workshops they hold will be held AT your licensed facility.
  • FREE Beginner & Intermediate Training Guide E-Book Bundle ($79 bundle value)
  • MovNat Apparel: $200 Credit to be used in our MovNat Shop.
  • Unlimited access to ALL MovNat Academy E-Courses ($1,378 value)
  • MovNat Affiliate Account, with commission opportunities from selling certification and retreat tickets.


What are the requirements to become a Local Partner?

  • To become a MovNat Local Partner, you must be a MovNat Certified Trainer or have one on staff.
  • You must be a business owner or become one (e.g. sole proprietor, LLC, or other legal entity in your state), or work as a sole proprietor out of a legally functioning facility (e.g. local gym).
  • All Licensees must carry current liability insurance and comply with all appropriate laws and regulations in your region. Insurance is available from many companies.
  • If you own multiple businesses or one business with multiple locations, a license is required for each location.



Q: How do I get a License to become a MovNat Local Partner?
A: The first step is to apply using the form below. If approved, you’ll then be required to submit any required documentation to verify proof of insurance, etc. If everything checks out, you’ll then submit your payment in full. After that, you’re officially a MovNat Local Partner!

Q: How much do Local Partner Licenses cost?
A: Using ONE Facility name with multiple locations:
Main LP License: $1800/yr
Add an additional: $300/yr

Using MULTIPLE Facility names with multiple locations:
Main LP License: $1800/yr
Add an additional: $900/yr

Q: How long is my license valid?
A: Each license is valid for 1 year from the date of activation.

Q: If I purchase a Local Partner License, do I have to use MovNat/Natural Movement in my business name? And do all my classes have to be MovNat/Natural Movement?
A: You do not have to use the MovNat trademarks in your business name. Some choose not to because they already own established businesses and want to partner with MovNat to make it the foundation of their curriculum. You also do not have to limit yourself to exclusively offering MovNat/Natural Movement classes. We do ask that anyone who uses MovNat/Natural Movement in their business name ensures that at least 70% of their offering is based on the MovNat Method. The rest is up to you!

Q: Is Licensing a good fit for me and my business?
A: If you love MovNat and want to share it with others, then you may be a good fit for Licensing. However, we understand that every business has unique needs, goals, and circumstances. So, the best way to find out if Licensing is a good fit for you is to apply using the form below, so that a MovNat representative can help you determine what would be best for you and your unique business goals.

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