Vic Verdier: General Manager & Master Instructor

Cedric “Vic” Verdier (aka the “Man In Black”) is one of those larger-than-life characters, determined to live life to the full. He has been a sport enthusiast since his early age. As a child, he was introduced to Georges Hebert’s Methode Naturelle by his grandfather, who was a Physical Education Teacher in the French Army at that time. Vic wanted to follow his grandfather’s track and became an officer in the French Navy.

Promoted as a second-in-command officer, he had the opportunity to train numerous soldiers in a multitude of topics, including Close Quarter Combat, skydiving, long-range weapon shooting, first aid and explosives. After 10 years of this exhilarating job, Vic came back to the civilian life while keeping his adventurous spirit high. Always interested in challenging activities, he soon became one of the world’s top experts in deep mixed-gas technical scuba diving, writing nine books on this very specific topic. Breaking a world record a few years later (World’s deepest wreck explored), he spent the next 14 years of his life traveling the world over to explore extremely deep wrecks and cave systems (Deepest Asian cave system explored: 224m/735ft). He also worked as an Instructor Trainer for some of the most prestigious Scuba Diving Training Agencies.


Interested in Martial Arts and fighting techniques since his time in the Army, Vic is a Krav Maga Instructor, a firearm instructor and a trainer for several martial arts, with an extensive practice with athletes in South-East Asia.

Vic has a BSc in Exercise Science and is certified as a Strength Coach (CSCS), a StrongFirst Team Leader and Elite Instructor and as a Trainer for several organizations (CrossFit, USA Weightlifting, USA Track & Field, FMS, Z-Health, TacFit, etc). He is a certified Nutritionist (C-ISSN), a certified Wilderness EMT and an Advanced CPR/First Aid Instructor Trainer.

In 2009, coming back to his French roots, Vic joined his friend Erwan and the MovNat Team to share his passion for a simpler, more efficient and no-nonsense physical and mental training and lifestyle. He is a MovNat Master Instructor and instructs MovNat certification workshops, MovNat retreats and MovNat specialty workshops (Combatives, Aquatics).

Vic likes: Thai boxing, skydiving, sailing, scuba diving, rock climbing, black clothes and black motorcycles.

Vic doesn’t like: sleeping late, waterboarding, Steven Seagal and low-fat diets.

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Instagram: @vicverdiercoaching