Go deeper. Join a select group. For those interested in taking your training to the next level, consider Level 2 Certification.


This workshop will bring your coaching ability, as well as your personal movement skills to the next level. Learn how to teach more advanced techniques, and develop a deeper understanding of movement skills and efficiency. The set of new techniques and knowledge acquired will enable you to challenge your fitter and fittest clients, and better prepare them for even more ambitious, personal fitness goals.

Train with Trainers

All level 2 certifications are comprised of previously certified level 1 trainers and taught by the most experienced MovNat instructors. This means the whole session is at a very high level of movement and fitness. If you can get through level 2, you are ready to teach just about anybody. Come prepared to be challenged.

Combine. Improvise. Teach.

The level 2 movements add several layers of complexity and technique efficiency to the level 1 foundation. With these movements you start to conduct the full orchestra that is integrated movement. We practice movement combinations and transitions and learn to improvise based on specific circumstances. This practice will allow you to confidently begin programming movement for a variety of levels and environments.

Level 2 Certification Techniques

Ground movement progressions
Get Up progressions
Forward roll Backward roll
Rotational Rocking
Shoulder Crawl
Push Pull Crawl
Hip thrust crawl™
General running technique
Running reversing
Running uphill/downhill
Split landing
Split Jump
Split lateral jump
Slap landing
Roll landing
Front vault
Split vault
Kick Vault
Sliding swing-up™
Elbow Swing-up™
Hand Swing-up™
Tuck Pop-up™
Swing Pop-up™
Front swing throw and catch
Overhead throw
One arm throw
Clean Push press
Shoulder carry
Fireman carry
Lumbar carry


As a teacher level certification, candidates for the MCT Level 2 credential will be tested to display their competence in the following areas: • Efficiency in all the Level 2 techniques • Adaptability to execute unrehearsed combinations of Level 2 techniques in complex environments • Conditioning to demonstrate any Level 2 technique multiple times in a row • Ability to teach others in an effective and safe manner