Try Natural Movement® and change how you move. Choose a 1 or 2 day workshop, or try an immersive retreat or lifestyle collaboration in nature. The skills you learn will allow you continue with your own MovNat training and dramatically improve your ability to perform in every aspect of your daily life.



Spend a day or a weekend learning the fundamentals of Natural Movement®. Our 1 and 2 day workshops are designed for beginners and fitness experts alike.

In general, the 1 day “Elements” workshops have more of an emphasis on the basic building blocks. Ground movements, such as get up and crawling patterns, plus the most fundamental techniques for each of MovNat’s movement aptitudes. The 2-day “Intensive” workshops are more involved and more intense. Throughout the weekend you will experience the full range of what MovNat has to offer.

Both workshops will bring you back in touch with your innate movement skills, and teach you how to create your own productive Natural Movement® practice. They will change how you think about movement.

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See sidebar for the list of 1-day Elements and 2-day Intensives near you.



This is where MovNat started. And it is still our goal – training in nature. It is the truest form of Human movement, and the best way to practice. These “Immersive” workshops, led by a MovNat Master Instructor are held in locations around the world with abundant natural beauty and terrain. If you truly want to get out of the zoo and awaken the animal within yourself, there is nothing better than immersive training in nature.

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MovNat Foundations, Combatives, and Aquatics (Sayulita, Mexico)

Jungle Immersion Retreat (San Rafael, Colombia)



Lifestyle Retreats

These special events are for those who want to integrate Natural Movement into other nature-based practices. Each year we offer special collaborations with renowned teachers to introduce you to their respective discipline while also integrating Natural Movement. These retreats involve a great balance of nature time, movement, skill building, and connecting with like-minded people.

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