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  • Our student’s health is our top priority, which is why we are closely monitoring the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) and following the official guidelines pertaining to group events in affected areas (e.g. we’re postponing as many events as are necessary). Click here for more information: MovNat events and the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).
  • To help support your MovNat practice at home, we are reorganizing our immense library of free home training resources we’ve shared over the past 10+ years. Check out our MovNat COVID-19 Survival Guide (Natural Movement Fitness Edition) for some of our top home training resources.
  • We are also developing new online and home training resources to help us all get through these difficult times. Subscribe to the MovNat email newsletter for the latest updates.

Dear MovNat community,

Our heart’s go out to everyone affected by the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), which has disrupted many lives and is producing fear and uncertainty in communities all around the world.

We’ve had to make some hard decisions these past couple weeks (e.g. postponing many MovNat events), but we are in good spirits as we focus on our unchanged mission of empowering our students to become “strong to be helpful” through Natural Movement® Fitness.

Ever since its origin, MovNat has always been about practical, adaptable movement for everyday life and even emergency situations. We believe we all need to keep moving – now more than ever – to stay healthy, manage stress, and help each other.

Our Performance Director, Danny Clark, filmed this message to explain what MovNat is doing to meet this challenge. He also shares a few steps you can take to stay positive and keep moving as you navigate this difficult situation.

We know this is a scary time, but if we come together as a community, we can weather any storm.

Given the ever-changing circumstances, we’ll be releasing new free resources, interactive distance learning opportunities with our top coaches, and other affordable ways to learn and practice MovNat on your own through online courses.

In the mean time, we encourage everyone who is affected by this crisis (stuck at home, social distancing, etc.), to join our MovNat Adaptive Practice Sessions newsletter to receive free MovNat workouts every week (see below for more info). These can be done anywhere you happen to be, even at home.

We also created a MovNat COVID-19 Survival Guide, which contains some of our best home training resources for MovNatters who are quarantined or are otherwise sheltering in place.

Thanks for your support. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

-The MovNat Team

MovNat Adaptive Practice Sessions:
Free Natural Movement Workouts for All Levels

Did you know we publish new MovNat workouts every week? They’re 100% free and can be done anywhere, even at home. Click here to sign up, or see below for this week’s workouts.

Here’s a video of MovNat Master Instructor, Jerome Rattoni, completing one of this week’s sessions.

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Week of March 16, 2020

Session 1

Warm Up: 2-3 Rounds : Hold Position for 1-2 Breaths


Option 1: Individual Sets : 3-5 Sets : reps as indicated : Rest 2min

Option 2: 1-2min continuous mix get ups : Rest 2min

Squat Get Up : 5-8x

Cross Squat Get Up : 2-8x alternating position each time

For more advanced practitioners.

Single Leg Squat Get Up : 1-3x/side : Rest 2-3min

Combo: 3 Rounds

Side Hang : as long as possible or Pull Up : 6x or Elbow Pull Up : 6x

Session 2

Warm Up: 2-3 Rounds : Hold Position for 1-2 Breaths


Clean : 3-4 Sets : 8x : Rest 2-3min
Lapping to Shoulder Carry : 3-5 Sets : 5x : Rest 2-3min

Combo: 3-5 Rounds

Downward Jump : 6x

Session 3

Warm Up: 2-3 Rounds : Hold Position for 1-2 Breaths


Perform the following crawls plus the get up.

Inverted Crawl : 10m + Hip Thrust Crawl : 5m + Tripod Get Up : 5x/side : 3-5 Sets : Rest 2min

Combo: 3-5 Rounds

Deadlift : 6x

Next Steps

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