The MovNat Level 3 Certification is our master level course for the most committed and passionate Natural Movement students.

This 4-day course builds on the fundamental techniques and variations covered in the Level 1 and 2 certifications. Level 3 techniques are more challenging, and demand more athleticism, physical ability, mental stamina, efficiency, and mindfulness. But this course is about so much more than the advanced movements or the higher conditioning levels. It’s truly a mind, body, spirit experience like no other.

About the program

The 4 days are equally divided into teaching and practice, with some lecture time providing a well-deserved rest to the participants. Training is conducted primarily outdoors in a natural environment by several members of the MovNat Team, including at least one Master Instructor. Upon passing, the Level 3 MovNat Trainer will have the tools to teach the complete spectrum of Level 3 techniques safely and competently in an indoor or outdoor environment.

List of techniques covered by the Level 3 certification

Techniques covered include sprints and changes of direction, advanced vaults like the Inverted Vault, athletic climbing techniques like the Power-Up, rope climbing techniques, like the Push-Pull Traverse or the Hook-Swing Traverse, and of course, the lifting and carrying techniques that have made MovNat videos so popular, like Log Shouldering (one or several people), Stone Lifting, etc.

  • Balancing Get Ups
  • Balancing Fall Recovery
  • Advanced Ground Movement
  • Sprinting
  • Trail Running
  • Climb Up Variations
  • Split Upward Jump
  • Inverted Vault
  • Pop Vault
  • Belly Vault
  • Dive Roll
  • Swing Off
  • Forward Swinging Reverse
  • Vertical Foot Pinch
  • Roll Up
  • Power Up
  • Foot Hand Climb
  • Vertical Push-Pull
  • Push-Pull Traverse
  • Spinning Throw
  • Spinning Catch
  • Snatch
  • Log Shouldering and Carrying
  • Log Turn and Shoulder Switch
  • Log Cooperative Shouldering and Carrying

Note: Techniques taught at the certification may vary.

Level 3 requirements

The requirements to participate in this event and become certified as a Level 3 MovNat Trainer are:

  • Hold a current certification as a Level 2 MovNat Trainer
  • Show proof of a CPR/1st Aid/AED certificate (less than 2 years)
  • Pass the physical competence tests (with a lifetime window to submit videos)

Level 3 testing requirements:

As a teacher level certification, candidates for the MCT level 3 credential will be tested to display their competence in the following areas:

  • Efficiency in all the Level 3 techniques
  • Adaptability to execute unrehearsed combinations of Level 3 techniques in complex environments
  • Conditioning to demonstrate any Level 3 technique multiple times in a row
  • Ability to teach others in an effective and safe manner

Candidates will be provided with a preparation guide upon registering.

Upcoming level 3 Certifications: