MovNat provides THREE Levels of Certification that will guide you to both effectively learn and teach Natural Movement. Our certifications are the industry standard for natural physical education. If you are serious about becoming a proficient practitioner of Natural Movement – this is what you do.


Level 1: the foundation

Level 1 is all about the basics. We teach you about MovNat’s philosophy and how to rebuild your movement capability “from the ground up.” We start with ground movements that restore mobility – such as deep squatting, getting up, and crawling. From there, we continue working on your technique in a wide assortment of practical skills that restore strength and stability – such as lifting, carrying, and throwing. Finally, we finish with the higher level movements – such as jumping and climbing – that demand more power and specialized technique. Level 1 guides you to achieve the beginner level physical benchmarks, employ a wide variety of implementation strategies, and begin your journey coaching movement as a professional.


Level 2: the next level

Level 2 is a big step up from Level 1.  The movements require more mobility, strength, and skill. But, just like Level 1, each movement is broken down and taught in a way that makes them approachable and achievable. Not only are the movements more advanced, but the understanding of movement is more advanced. You’ll walk away more capable of moving in any environment, more confident in your abilities, and with a depth of knowledge to help anyone work on their movement, including elite athletes.


Level 3: the elite level

The MovNat Level 3 Certification is our course for the most committed and passionate Natural Movement students. Level 3 techniques are more challenging, and demand more athleticism, physical ability, mental stamina, efficiency, and mindfulness. It’s truly a mind, body, spirit experience like no other. Learn More.