We asked the MovNat community…

What does muscle (and its qualities of enabling strength/conditioning/ability/mobility) mean to you?

We were blown away as hundreds of you opened up and shared your responses, as part of our #WhatMusclesAre4 Challenge on Instagram. Many shared practical, everyday observations with actionable advice. Others shared much deeper insights concerning Natural Movement and the lifestyle behind it.

Below are some of the responses that touched us the most. There’s something in here for everyone, and hopefully at least one or two nuggets of wisdom or inspiration that will hit you powerfully, challenge you, and encourage you.

So, here is what muscles are actually for.

Muscles are for holding others up and inspiring the next generation.

Today is day 1 of @movnat ’s #WhatMusclesAre4 Challenge! So I challenge you to tell me and #movnat what you believe your muscles are for. If you don’t want to post; tell me in the comments! Can’t wait to hear what you all have to say. Here is my first entry: #?? I have an 8 year old sister who I get to see 2-3 times/year. I send her books and pictures exemplifying strong women (mentally, intellectually, physically etc) all year long but when I’m with her it’s a priority to take her on adventures and show her that playing isn’t just for kids and that muscles aren’t just for men. This pic is one example of a morning at the park during my last visit. My goal is to climb a mountain with her when she’s 12…she’s still a little unsure but I know she’ll love it:) To me, that’s one special aspect of #whatmusclesare4 #?? • #naturalmovement #MovNat #strongbynature

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Muscles are for adventure and freedom.

Our #WhatMusclesAre4 Challenge has officially begun! #?? From Team Instructor Stefano @captainstefano : “Muscles take me to where I want to go. No hesitation, no second thoughts, they allow me to answer the call. Adventure won’t wait until I’m ready and doesn’t care if I’m prepared or not. My life is enriched by the knowledge and confidence that at any given moment I am capable of taking action. # As the Manager of MovNat Online Coaching it is my mission to embolden those that want this deeply satisfying state of being. Provided the right tools and direction, anyone can reclaim the ability to take charge of their life (and muscles).” #?? What do muscles power in your life? Post an entry with the challenge hashtag, tag us, and tag a friend to join in! See the OP for more details, including prizes. • #movnat #naturalmovement #strongbynature

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Muscles are for doing what you love.

Muscles are for strength and empowerment.

Muscles are for meeting the needs of daily life.

Muscles are for serving others.

Muscles are for the unexpected.

Muscles are for family.

. My submission for the#whatmusclesare4 challenge by @movnat. ????❤️ Motherhood. Whether standing for hours on my strong legs as I birthed a baby, or holding both my littles when they get nervous in a crowd. I am strong to be useful, and that strength has proven to be quite useful in my experience as a mom. Lifting and carrying have been a large part of that. Years of running and building my leg muscles for endurance and movement, some of which I never knew I would need preparation for. . I continue to learn new and more efficient ways of moving my body, but I am forever grateful for these muscles that hold me upright, while I hold others. #mamastrong #rethinkingfitness #momswholift #naturalmovement @movnatwomen ?: Photo 1 – the first time I held my daughter (2nd child) after delivering her while standing, for a few hours. ? Photo 2 – captured by @marvin_3d at our local farmers market, holding my (now) 3 and 5 year old littles.

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We really enjoyed everyone’s entries for the #whatmusclesare4 Challenge, and there are lots of other thoughtful, inspiring posts that didn’t make this list.

Thanks for playing everyone! Let’s keep the hashtag going!

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