“Master Instructor” is a special credential in our community. It’s a rare designation that honors our most dedicated, driven, and experienced Team Instructors (i.e., a teacher of teachers).

The criteria for earning this honor is based on the following:

  • Experience teaching as a Team Instructor for MovNat
  • Contributions to the advancement and refinement of the curriculum
  • Student feedback on quality of instruction and breadth of knowledge
  • Advancement of the method to new areas, and the deepening of relationships in existing areas
  • General enthusiasm for teaching and integrating the practice into an exemplary lifestyle

The MovNat Team is proud to honor Kellen Milad, an expert teacher of teachers, an exemplary student of the practice & tradition of Natural Movement, and a genuinely amazing human being.

Kellen is the fifth person to be recognized as a MovNat Master Instructor. Here are some words from him, upon receiving his honorary certificate at the 2019 Level 3 Certification in Glorieta, New Mexico.

It was an honor to be recognized as a MovNat Master Instructor while co-teaching the level three certification this year. It has me reflecting on the journey thus far and realizing it’s been quite a road.

Prior to MovNat, I was becoming disillusioned with the fitness industry and my ability to reach people. My background is in psychology, and I got into this career with an intention to help people balance their fitness and mental health. The more experience I got in the industry, the more I felt something was missing. The health and fitness market seemed divisive and noisy. I wasn’t sure what direction to go.

Then I learned about MovNat, and I could tell it would be something special for me. The opportunity to become an instructor really changed my trajectory in life. With every course, I got to teach what I was learning about Natural Movement. In turn, teaching sparked me to go deeper into the MovNat system. I got to really understand it through my own experiences and grow into my own coaching style. This cycle of teaching and practicing only keeps turning up more richness along my journey through Natural Movement.

Of course, there have been challenges and frustrations at times. It was difficult to feel like the only person practicing Natural Movement in my city. There were many times where I felt like people weren’t understanding MovNat. Many times where I felt like my teaching was falling short. I’ll be honest, sometimes this path has felt like stumbling around in the dark. Still I kept on practicing and teaching.

Every passing year has brought health and personal growth. MovNat challenged me to build my skills. It prompted me to take responsibility for building healthier movement habits. From my practice, I’ve gained confidence in myself and greater connection with my environments. I’ve met the coolest people with the biggest hearts and a passion for movement. For all the challenges, there sure have been a lot of rewards.

I’ve been watching MovNat steadily grow and evolve since my introduction back in 2011. It’s been a renaissance of human movement. A major contributor to changing the mainstream definition of fitness. Day-to-day, things can feel slow. But over the course of years, it’s amazing to witness the growth.

And that’s one of my biggest takeaways from all these years…good things take time.

My advice to the MovNat community: If you’re passionate about Natural Movement, the best thing you can do is to share it. Lead a class or host a meet up. Invite some friends to go on a hike. Post a video of your favorite ground movement routine.

If you’re a trainer in our community, I encourage you to keep growing. Keep sharpening your skills, building programs, and working with clients & students. Take chances, experiment with new approaches, and get outside the box. You’ll face some challenges and feel like you’re in the dark at times. Just know that this is all part of the process of MovNat and you’re not alone in it.

Lastly, my sincerest thanks to Erwan Le Corre, Vic Verdier, Danny Clark, and the rest of the MovNat team. When your coworkers are as talented as mine, it’s hard to NOT be excited about the future. I’m looking forward to continuing to share the system and supporting the community!

-Kellen Milad, MovNat Master Instructor & Certification Team Instructor