By David Dickinson, L1 MCT

In my last article, I talked about my long road to recovery, and how finding Natural Movement has transformed my physical ability, and overall recovery. Since completing my MovNat Level 1 Certification, I have employed Natural Movement on a regular basis, which has also transformed the lives of those I work with.

Natural Movement training has proved to be revolutionary in my professional career of constructing physical training development programs for both recruits and trained soldiers. With the driving ethos of MovNat being practicality, the skills I have learned through the MovNat system have allowed me to improve the performance of my Platoon using a safe system of training that caters for both progressions and regressions, and reflects the many standards of ability I witness on a weekly basis.

Many of the young men and women that come through our doors can’t always afford to pay for a fancy gym membership each month. So, the beauty of the Natural Movement system of training is that within a few short sessions, I can help that person unlock a physical and mental potential they never knew they had; and it gives them the tools to train anywhere, for no cost.

One of the greatest aspects I see through delivering the MovNat system is the look of empowerment and confidence it gives to my clients. It is a look that makes your own sacrifice in developing the skills needed to teach the system worthwhile, and is what will drive me to work through the higher certification levels (Level 2 and Level 3).

I currently work with two other clients away from my professional career who are different in so many ways. Both are very busy with work and study. Both of them want to improve their fitness, health and general lifestyle. Natural Movement has taken them to a new paradigm. What I have been able to do using Natural Movement is to completely shift their approach and outlook towards what is physical training and what is a movement-based lifestyle that can be incorporated into the sinew of our day to day life.

So, this is where we have to start to encourage a mindful approach to our day to day tasks, and go from compartmentalization to total inclusivity. I use the example of a time when I was deployed to Africa. We had just moved over 300 ammunition boxes weighing 88lbs each. By anyone’s observation, this is a serious workout. It was then suggested that we conduct a strength and conditioning session for our PT that day! I posed the comment about what we have just done, and how that should be viewed as a PT session in itself.

There were a few comments of “well, it’s not a formalized stand-alone session.” Yet, the training benefit from what they had just completed was far more beneficial because it actually reflected their real-world expectations, which are both practical and physiologically relevant. For me, this example demonstrates just how deep rooted the common mindset is towards the compartmentalization of our time spent towards physical training. I believe this causes extra stress in our life.

Now, getting back to working with my clients: after the delivery of just a few skills, they start to view their day as one big movement training session.

With this shift in mindset, one of my clients who is a busy lady with her own business in recruitment has gone from having frozen shoulder issues, where she struggled to run even a mile down the road, to completing her first 6 mile local run in as many years. This example really highlights how once someone is injured, the fear of injury and movement really takes root.

The following is a quote from my client:  “Achieved so much today in 30 minutes, was so good to get up from the desk and to have the skills to train without needing to travel to a gym.”

As I move forward with my Natural Movement lifestyle and career, it is my long-term aim to bring the joy of movement to schools in the UK where it can become an easy-to-teach physical education system for children and teachers. I am currently developing a program in partnership with a local outdoor activities provider who has ownership of a large wooded land setting who wishes to incorporate Natural Movement into his program.

At the moment, I am training to expand the knowledge of my movement career. It’s my intention to complete the Level 2 Certification this year. Then I’ll be able to come back to my clients and potential future clients with a greater range of deliverable movement skills and knowledge to help people engage in a healthy movement rich lifestyle and be strong to be useful – both at home and in their communities.

“Movement is the essence of life” – Bernd Heinrich

David Dickinson is a war hero and a Level 1 MovNat Certified Trainer who is working his way towards the Level 2 certification and beyond.


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At MovNat, we teach Natural Movement from the ground up – starting with the most rudimentary skills like sitting and lying positions, and working our way up to more challenging, athletic movements, such as jumping and climbing skills. Every natural movement we teach is inherently natural and has a practical purpose. It’s not merely about physical conditioning. Although, improved health, fitness, mobility, and conditioning are natural byproducts of a Natural Movement practice, which is both practical and functional, by its very nature.

If you’d like to learn all about natural, practical, adaptable movement, join us for a MovNat Level 1 Certification or a MovNat Workshop. We hold events all around the world. Or, find a MovNat Certified Trainer or Gym in your area. We also offer MovNat Online Coaching as an alternative to live instruction and a Natural Movement Fundamentals E-Course.

Most people know that they should be more physically active. Some even recognize the incredible value in a system like MovNat. But they struggle with actually implementing Natural Movement® into their daily lives. That’s why we work closely with people from all walks of life to help them move better, get healthier and stronger, and discover their true potential with Natural Movement® Fitness. It’s also why we work extensively with health and fitness professionals who understand the value of this new paradigm and are eager to start implementing it with their clients.

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