One of the keys to a strong, healthy core is consistently performing a variety of natural movements (e.g. walking, crawling, climbing, lifting and carrying, etc.). When we move naturally, the body is conditioned in many different positions, movements, and ranges of motion – resulting in a strong, mobile, and resilient core. While most natural movements develop the core to a degree, some movements are more effective than others for direct abdominal and core training.

This new demo video will walk you through some beginner natural movements (and their more difficult progressions) to help you restore, build, and maintain a strong, healthy core.

  1. Side Roll (Torso Mobility)
  2. Foot Hand Crawl (Torso Stability)
  3. Tripod Transition (Torso Control)
  4. Foot Pinch (Torso Strength)
  5. High Press Lying to Long Sit
  6. Balanced Foot Hand Crawl
  7. Balanced Tripod Transition
  8. Foot Pinch from Side Hang

If you want to focus on building and strengthening your core, these movements will get you off to a great start. However, our body’s thrive the most when we integrate the full spectrum of Natural Movement into our training and lifestyle – not just a few effective movements or exercises. Our free MovNat Adaptive Practice Sessions and premium MovNat E-Courses would be a great next step for more well-rounded training. Or, come to a live workshop or certification event to learn how you can craft your own training sessions and daily movement habits.

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