Jérôme Rattoni

Master Instructor

At MovNat since 2013, Jerome has become, in 2019, the 4th Master Instructor in the MovNat lineage, and by far now, the most experienced one from the last 8 years of activity with nearly 80 Certification events taught since 2015.

Passionate about sharing his in-depth knowledge acquired early on from the original creators of MovNat Erwan Le Corre & Vic Verdier, he grew on all aspects while traveling the world, both teaching MovNat and also being a top Sales Executive for a big corporation in Europe.

All his experience with the “real world” (office; airports, jet lag; business meetings; stress) helped him fine tune his teaching over the years – as many people in the general population end up being truly inspired, totally relating to his message and ways of training.

A big supporter of “Movement Snacks”, he shares his original training ideas also via his growing social media presence (check his Instagram here) on a daily basis with a tremendous success worldwide.

Jerome has organically become a natural leader at MovNat, now the General Manager, relentlessly working for the continuous success of MovNat while caring dearly about his HQ team, the Team Instructors and the overall community of MovNat Certified Trainers and practitioners.

He has also built some excellent E-courses and aims to continue developing different ways for people to know and practice our unique Natural Movement method whether via multiple in-person event formats or online.

Jerome is a family man, proud father of 2 children, devoted to his duties both on a personal and professional level.

We can only recommend you to get to meet him one day in one of his always highly-rated events, or learn from him online!


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Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @jerome_movnat

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