Munawar Karim

Team Instructor

Munawar’s mission is to help you improve in mind, body and spirit. Regardless of where you are starting from—or your existing limitations (real or imagined)—he is here to help you exceed your own expectations. “If you feel a real need to improve, to excel, to be better—whether that is physically or mentally,” says Munawar, “I am here to help you. I will share my knowledge and experience, and coach you step by step to realise and go beyond your own goals.”

Munawar has been involved with MovNat since 2018, having trained with great mentors such as Jerome Rattoni (MovNat GM and Master Instructor), Eric Brown, Vic Verdier and Erwan Le Corre (MovNat Founder). He has accompanied and assisted Jerome on lots of UK Certifications events and led UK MovNat Workshops for several years. He was among the cohort to take the very first European L3 Certification in Vienna (2019) and is owner of MovNat UK and Deenway Dojo

He holds undergraduate degrees in Law and Japanese and a postgraduate degree in Modern History. As well as being a Natural Movement coach, Munawar is also an author, Montessori educator and martial artist. The American martial arts publisher YMAA describes him as follows:

“Munawar Ali Karim is a combatives instructor, natural movement coach, Montessori educator and martial artist with an interest in history and sacred tradition.

He began studying martial arts at the age of 12 with a Shotokan Karate master who also taught a hybrid style derived from Hung-Gar Kung-fu and Southern Praying Mantis (Chow-Gar). In his early twenties Munawar was invited to work for the Japanese government as an International Relations Specialist. Living in a small town in the Kiso Mountains along the nakasendo—the old road between Kyoto and Edo (Tokyo)—Munawar studied Shorinji Kempo whilst deepening his understanding of ninjutsu, samurai and sufi teachings. On returning from Japan, Munawar continued to pursue the martial arts including Shaolin Kung Fu (under 33rd generation Shaolin Monk Shifu Zheng Ke Wang), Wing Chun (under Sifu Loukas Kastrounis) and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Gracie lineage).      

In 2008 Munawar made the decision to leave his position as a corporate lawyer to pursue his interests in the development of mind, body and spirit through teaching, writing and personal practice. In 2009 he founded a not-for-profit Montessori Primary and Liberal Arts Secondary School to help young people of all backgrounds access an elite education rooted in traditional values. Aside from his formal practice of martial arts, Munawar enjoys fencing, poetry and traditional archery. In 2019 he founded Deenway Dojo to share his interpretation of the martial way (budo) with others. Munawar describes his budo as following the maxim of the great ‘sword saint’ Musashi Miyamoto: bun bu ichi ryu “Pen and Sword in Accord”, and the spiritual teachings of the sufi masters.”

Munawar continues to teach, write and coach natural movement, combatives, martial arts and self-improvement to individuals and small groups throughout the UK and online. He works with families, individuals and groups; and most recently with teachers wanting to introduce MovNat into their schools. 

“By sharing those things that I have found most useful in my own life, I hope to help others in their personal journeys and pay back the kindness my teachers have shown towards me by sharing their knowledge. This brings me the greatest joy, and keeps me discovering new things too.”

If you are ready to make a change in your life, to take yourself to the next level, Munawar is here to help.


Connect with Munawar

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @MovNat_UK


Articles by Munawar

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Books by Munawar

(for Munawar’s complete bibliography contact him directly)

Wing Chun In-Depth: Skills for Combat, Strategies for Life

Student & Client Testimonials

“From ground movements, through get-ups, to balancing, lifting, crawling, hanging and jumping, we had a fun interactive day under the excellent instruction of Munawar who tweaked each activity to suit the needs of all of us ensuring inclusivity and challenge. Thank you.”

—Louise, Massage Therapist, Gardener, Mindfulness Teacher

“I re-discovered how to play and therefore how to move better. A long-term injury that I was worried about preventing me from participating actually improved through the session. Munawar was a fantastic host and trainer.”

—Jon, Cricketer

“I particularly liked Munawar’s flexible approach in helping us do the movements at our levels. It was an enjoyable and great learning experience for me. Thank you, I really valued your coaching.”

—Rukayat, Student

“Munawar is very knowledgeable and inspiring. He was excellent and I felt he was able to draw on a range of different modalities to give examples that appeal to everyone.

I would highly recommend the 1-Day Elements Workshop. You will definitely leave feeling excited about incorporating what you’ve practiced into normal life!”

—Thomas, Environmental Consultant, Squash and Korfball Athlete

“Munawar was an awesome instructor. Lovely man—non-judgemental. Doesn’t matter your level of fitness come and you will benefit. This should be taught in schools.”

—Jane, Physiotherapist

“I’ve really enjoyed my 1-1 MovNat sessions with Munawar. He has tailored the training to my specific weaknesses and goals and has been creative in designing sessions which are fun and challenging. He has also provided much needed encouragement and inspiration in my rehabilitation of longstanding injuries which have held me back for some time. I highly recommend him as a movement coach!”

—Will, Psychiatrist

“I have found the sessions with MovNat coach Munawar Karim extremely beneficial for improvement in my strength and mobility. Munawar himself is an excellent teacher, always answering any questions, providing solutions to difficulties and helping to iron out any problem areas. He is also very encouraging and supportive.

I found the sessions themselves enjoyable and some of them fairly challenging and I can see how that has helped me progress. Things I was unable to do at the beginning I am now able to do confidently and with more ease. The workouts are varied so you never get bored and they are short. The longest is probably 20 mins, which with experience takes less time.

Every workout can be done in almost any environment including outdoors. Equipment is not an issue either, as everyday household objects can be used. I used a small saucepan full of food tins as a weight for example.

All in all, I would recommend MovNat for everyone. It is suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness.”

-Uzma, Mother, (Personal Coaching)