Jack Mullaly

MovNat Team Instructor

Jack Mullaly is the co-owner and founder of Ideanthro Movement in Brisbane, Australia. At Ideanthro Movement they place a strong emphasis on creating a supportive, inclusive and welcoming environment while teaching a diverse range of movement styles, starting with natural movement but also including gymnastic strength training, hand balancing, barbells and kettlebells.

Jack’s initial interest in health and fitness started when, as a teenager, he found and fell in love with the sport of BikeTrials. Jack pursued BikeTrials competition on the international stage and initially was annihilated by many talented international riders. Committed to improving, Jack discovered and delved deep into a range of training approaches including natural movement. This drove substantial improvement in his abilities competing on the international stage.

Today Jack is particularly passionate about natural movement because of its ability to empower people and give them confidence in their physical abilities in ways that they didn’t think possible. Many of Jack’s client’s don’t resonate with the conventional fitness industry, but find a home in the supportive and empowering environment that is Ideanthro Movement.

Jack enjoys teaching the fine details of skills that make high level movement possible. Whether that’s in person at Ideanthro Movement, via online training or at MovNat Certifications, just loves helping people unlock movement skills.


Movement Technique Tips

Tripod Vault Tips

Hip Mobility Tips

Foot Pinch Tips


Jack writes a regular blog on the Ideanthro Movement website, including these posts related to Natural Movement:

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MovNat Australia Instagram Account @movnat_australia

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