Diana Matula

Team Instructor

Diana loves using natural movement to explore the world and adventure through life. Her passion is helping others gain new skills and create natural movement-based lifestyles that lead to greater empowerment, capability, and resiliency.

Diana grew up as a barefoot hippie child living on an organic farm and was enrolled in gymnastics early on because she was cartwheeling everywhere. She loved that expression of movement until the rigid competition squashed the joy from it.

As a teenager, she experienced the typical disconnect from nature through the confines of competitive indoor sports, desk-bound academics, and culturally-induced body image issues, resulting in a shallow lifestyle and a painful sense of inauthenticity.

While studying anthropology she became fascinated with human evolution and the effects of domestication on our health and happiness. Thus began her journey to restore her mind/body/spirit. She started working on organic farms, practicing herbalism, and playing outdoors again, but her body lacked the freedom of movement it once had and felt fragile and incapable.

She was drawn to MovNat in 2014 through the rewilding community. Once she found natural movement, her whole life changed. She felt her strength capability return and her authentic self wake up again. 

She went all in with MovNat L1, L2, L3 and Combatives in 2019, and in 2021 she became the 6th woman to ever be Level 3 certified. Meanwhile, she became a trainer full-time in order to dedicate herself to helping others move better and feel more alive. 

Diana now works with clients one-on-one and teaches MovNat classes at Club Northwest in Grants Pass, Oregon. In her free time she can be found working barefoot on her small homestead or playing in the mountains with her husband and two dogs.


  • MovNat Level 3 Trainer & Combatives Trainer
  • NASM Certified Trainer
  • Restorative Exercise Specialist via Nutritious Movement
  • Clinical Herbalist


Connect with Diana

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @dianagmatula


Diana’s MovNat Story

Journal Articles

How Diana Restored Her Body, Got Stronger and More Capable Than Ever, and Earned Her MovNat Level 3 Certification