The Things They Said

Is it us that have something to teach to tribal, hunter-gatherer populations, or the other way around?

While there is no reason to romanticize their conditions of life, there is no reason to romanticize our own modern life style. Our Zoo human condition is certainly not superior. As a matter of fact, most of us are far from being as strong, healthy, happy and free as hunter-gatherers are.

What I believe is that we cannot afford to see these first people and all populations that are still living a primal lifestyle ultimately disappear.  They represent the original human lifestyle, which has been lived by hominids for millions of years.  They show us something we’re increasingly losing in our modern society:  vitality, contact with nature, movement exuberance, strong bonds between people, simplicity, sustainability, happiness and freedom.

It seems that the primal and the natural in most of us has been erased.  Obviously, this natural essence is not gone for ever yet, only dormant.

The Zoo humans we have become need to reconnect to nature. Maybe most importantly, to reconnect to the nature that lies within ourselves.

The mission of organizations like MovNat or Frank Forencich’s Exuberant Animal is to reawaken the evolutionarily natural, the primal and tribal in us, in a way that is adapted to our modern living conditions, scalable, safe, but also both challenging and fun.

Below is an article about “Wild Workouts” by Andrew Heffernan to be released in Experience Life magazine:

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Beside my activity as a natural movement and natural lifestyle coach, I am also a supporter of Survival International.

I know there are many other noble causes out there that deserve our attention. But to me, this is a primary cause that I support wholeheartedly. For instance, Survival has recently won an historic victory against Vedanta Resources, a company which had planned to destroy the forests and sacred mountain of the Dongria Kondh, one of India’s most remote tribes, to build a vast open-cast mine.

It is not a lost cause, and you can help too, sometimes in a very simple way like below:

Swimming there is pure luxury. Drinking enough water is vital. So, who needs water the most, tourists, or Bushmen?

Please sign the online petition.

Thank you so much!

Erwan Le Corre