Online Renewal


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Online Renewal process:

Online Renewal is a quick, simple and convenient way to maintain – or return to – ACTIVE Trainer Membership status.

Online renewal of your Trainer Membership provides you with one-on-one personalized guidance from a MovNat Team Instructor. Renew at any time, from the comfort of your home, by submitting videos of various skills.

Soon after you register (by purchasing the appropriate Level 1 or Level 2 renewal product on this page), a designated MovNat Team Instructor will contact you. You will be given access to a set of videos showing you the skills to demonstrate, as well as details regarding the equipment you will need. You can take as much time as needed to practice and send the videos to the Team Instructor.

You only need to test the skills relevant to the highest Trainer Level that you want to renew. For instance – if you don’t feel comfortable demonstrating some Level 2 skills, you can choose to only test your Level 1 skills. You will receive all the ACTIVE Trainer Membership benefits related to the Trainer Level you tested for.

The Team Instructor will ask you to demonstrate several skills and will help you to correct any inefficiency you might have. The goal is to make you a better and more successful Trainer.

When all the tests are passed, a new digital certification will be e-mailed to you, verifying that you have achieved ACTIVE Trainer Membership status for a period of 3 years.