Combatives w/ Carlos Condit – Albuquerque, NM

Combatives w/ Carlos Condit – Albuquerque, NM

When: Feb 24 - Feb 25, 2018
Instructor: Vic Verdier


Learn from the best. Carlos & Vic

This special combatives event will be co-taught by UFC’s Carlos Condit & Vic Verdier. Carlos is both a world class striker and certified trainer in natural movement. He has trained extensively and one on one with Erwan. Vic Verdier is a Master MovNat trainer, and has been training elite combat forces most of his life.

The Combatives Specialty Trainer Certification Workshop is a 2-day specialized training designed to provide the MovNat Trainer or fighter with all the tools necessary to teach or apply principles that can be utilized in any kind of self-defense and/or life-threatening situation. Regardless of environment or physical abilities, MovNat combatives are effective. The techniques taught can also be applied in the competitive arena as they increase efficiency in striking and grappling.

Don’t forget, we’re holding a Level 1 and 2 MovNat trainer certification right before the event. Make it a 1-2 punch!


Saturday: 8am-6pm
Sunday: 8am-6pm
Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to prepare for each day’s activity.


Training gear (shorts, T-shirt, minimal shoes) for indoors and outdoors.
Snacks, fluids, and lunch.


The exact location will be announced 4 weeks before the event