How do you crawl underneath a very low object?

One way is to use the Push Pull Crawl technique, which is a more efficient version of what some call the “Army crawl.” This movement is useful for crawling very low to the ground while minimizing friction and maximizing efficiency.

Here’s an instructional video about how to do the Push Pull Crawl movement both effectively and efficiently.


1) Start by getting into the correct position and practicing the contralateral pattern in place without traveling (i.e. raising up onto one arm and the opposite leg).

2) If you’re having trouble, work step by step on the individual components, then string them together in order, and finally, try to smooth out the overall movement.

  • Spread your shoulder blades
  • Lengthen your spine
  • Shift your weight from one hip into the other
  • Lift one knee up toward your elbow.
  • Push with your bent leg and pull with your lead arm.
  • Stay low and breathe!

3) Keep your spine lengthened and use the mobility and rotational power of your hips – instead of “side bending” with your spine – to drive the movement.

4) Experiment with different arm positions to find what’s comfortable for you.

5) When practicing, the practical goal is to stay as low as possible, while also minimizing friction from ground contact. So, try not to hover too low or too high above the ground.

6) You can imagine trying to squeeze through a tunnel or underneath some low brush to help you get the hang of it.

Closing Thoughts

Once you can perform the Push Pull Crawl with good position and while staying relaxed and moving in the proper sequence, you’ll be able to cover a good distance before tiring. You’ll also have acquired another practical movement skill that provides many benefits to your health and fitness as well.


Next Steps

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