Hello all. My name is Nick Burroughs and I am from Virginia, USA and I wanted to share my story of how MovNat has positively changed my life. Turning back the clock about 10-12 years ago, my life was chaotic and destructive. I was searching for happiness and life answers in all the wrong places. Bad food, bad relationships, and up to that point, years of chronic alcohol abuse had wrecked my health.

Having been about 175 lbs in my late teens into my early 20’s, I had ballooned up to around 220 lbs by the time I turned 34. I had turned my body into a hazardous waste pit. I constantly felt achy, tired, anxious, out of breath and was generally not a happy person. I would always look forward to when I would get home from work and pour that glass of wine, which ended up being bottles, topped off by smoking a plethora of cigarettes. This occurred almost on a nightly basis, which in retrospect is hard to believe. I was able to keep it together to maintain my job, but I knew I had to change my course in life when I ended up in the ER with delirium tremors and severe dehydration in late 2008.

I committed to a new life, moved away, and started on a sober and healthier path. In 2010, I met my now wife and things were definitely improving for me. I eventually moved back to where I was from my wife and we had our first child in 2012 and it was around that time I decided to pursue “getting my body back”.

Even though I was sober, I still was vastly out of shape, overweight, stiff and generally dissatisfied with how I functioned. I would mow the grass, sweat profusely, and be so exhausted afterward that I had to lay down for 2 hours to rejuvenate. I joined a Crossfit Gym and at the first class workout, I had to excuse myself outside and vomit becoming so physically exhausted and it was only during the warmup!

All those years of putting toxic substances in my body had taken a toll on my health. However, I stuck with it, and over the course of a couple of years, improved some with my strength and conditioning. But after having 7 injuries total and then finally burning out, I did not want to exercise or train anymore. I ended up quitting in 2018.

I knew deep down inside that I had to change what I was doing, find a more sustainable, healthier way to condition and take care of my body.

In 2019, I heard this cool sounding, confident man named Erwan Le Corre on the Paleo Magazine Podcast. I had recently turned to a Paleo diet to help with improving my health. So, hearing of Natural Movement was interesting because I had never heard of that term before. I was very intrigued; everything he said made so much sense.

As a physical therapist, and having an understanding of how the human body operates, I was enthralled to hear him talk about human movement in a natural way, not in a strict gym-like exercise way. So, I ordered his book ‘The Practice of Natural Movement‘ within hours, and when it arrived at my doorstep, I devoured it’s pages. I had the whole thing read in 2 weeks and was sold bigtime!

Coincidingly, I began my movement journey with the help of his book and YouTube (thank you for the videos). Almost immediately, I felt my body respond. My mobility started to improve, and I started to enjoy moving again. I felt stronger in all of my muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia…you name it! I lost more weight and my body composition improved drastically. Through all of this, I realized that to improve your health, you don’t have to be laying on the ground in a pool of your own sweat, gasping for air after an exercise session.

Fast forward to the present, my weight is down to 168 lbs, and I am now doing things at 44 years old that I couldn’t do when I was a high school athlete in the early 1990’s. I feel fantastic, everything in my life is better. My energy, confidence, relationships, communication, mental and emotional state, etc. I have fallen in love with my movement practice, so much so, that I recently attended both the Level I and II Certifications in Asheville, NC. Now I am officially a Level II MCT!

My goal with it is to take the gospel of Natural Movement to the people in my area of the world to show them the benefits they can receive. I have enclosed some pictures of my transformation over the years. It’s still hard to believe it when I look at them.

Thank you MovNat! All the best.

-Nick Burroughs, Physical Therapist & Level II MovNat Certified Trainer

Well done, Nick! We are so proud to have you in our community and so thankful that you reached out to share your story to inspire others.

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