Why did we partner with Precision Nutrition?

Because we feel they’re a perfect fit for the MovNat ethos and the mindset we encourage!

We both take a non-dogmatic, middle-of-the-road approach to health – focusing on foundational elements that are universal across diets and disciplines.

We both believe in being adaptable and flexible in our implementation of true principles to suit a modern lifestyle.

We both emphasize fundamentals rather than strict rules.

And transitioning people to a higher percentage of natural, whole food nutrition is one of the major cornerstones of their program!

Natural Movement! Natural food!

MovNat and Precision Nutrition reflect and complement each other in vision, values, and principles. Below, you’ll find a video that fleshes this out in a little more detail.

“I was honored to catch up with Jason Crowe, VP of Business Development at Precision Nutrition, to talk about our new partnership. Precision Nutrition’s mission of “deep health” aligns perfectly with ours, and it was fun to riff with Jason about how we can self-empower people through education together. It was also great to have experienced coaches from each company – Jerome from MovNat and Bart from PN – talk about how the two education systems synergize so well together.” – Danny Clark, MovNat Performance Director

Ultimately, you are in charge of how you eat and how you move. So if you want to try something new or different, that’s your call.⁣⁠

But what we DO know is that success is connected to focusing on just a handful of foundational elements that virtually everyone agrees with!

Our job is to help you do that better with movement. Precision Nutrition can help you do that better with nutrition.

We like to call that a win-win.

See the link below for how you can become a MovNat Certified Trainer and Precision Nutrition Coach so you can turn your passion for health into a career you love!

Become a Certified Natural Movement Fitness & Nutrition Professional

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