With Natural Movement being introduced into new settings (e.g. MovNat Medical, MovNat in Schools, etc.), MovNat continues to grow and expand into new territory, necessitating some major updates to our Licensing Program that will affect all MovNat Certified Trainers…and future MCTs!

The big news is that we have completely phased out our Class License, which means that every single MovNat Certified Trainer is now eligible to teach official MovNat Classes with the free use of both the MovNat® and Natural Movement® trademarks.

This right is granted immediately upon earning your Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Certifications, allowing the teaching of all the techniques according to your Certification level.

We believe this is a MAJOR step forward, to empower our Certified Trainer Community.

The second big change is that we’ve evolved our past Gym License into a new “Local Partner” License. There is a lot to say about being a “Local Partner”, and you can learn more about the changes on the Local Partner Licensing Page. But to summarize the biggest change, it’s that MCT’s who want to partner up with MovNat at a deeper level do not need to have a gym or facility anymore. Sole proprietors, Medical Clinics, Retreat Centers, Outdoor businesses, Online training entities, etc., can apply for the Local Partner License if they want to represent MovNat.

Watch this announcement video by our Licensing Program Director, Jerome Rattoni, for more information.


  • Gym Licensees are now called “Local Partners” to better reflect the changes to our Licensing Program and the direction we’re heading (MovNat Gyms, MovNat Medical Clinics, MovNat in Schools, etc.).
  • You are no longer required to have a Facility to be a Local Partner. But you do need an established business that you either own or operate out of.
  • Local Partners may use the MovNat® and Natural Movement® trademarks in their business titles, website addresses, and social media account page titles (e.g. MovNat Madison).
  • Local Partners may host official MovNat / Natural Movement events (i.e. workshops).

A note to existing MovNat Class Licensees: Your class license has been automatically upgraded to a Local Partner license for the duration of your existing licensing period. Please contact us if you have any questions.

A note to existing Elements Workshop Leaders: The Elements Workshop format will now be reserved to Local Partners. We highly value the great work you are doing to build the MovNat community in your local areas. So, in addition to now being able to now teach official MovNat CLASSES with no restriction, your rights to continue teaching the longer-format Elements WORKSHOPS, exclusively sold and promoted through www.movnat.com, will continue untouched and unchanged through the end of this year (December 31, 2022). After that date, you will need to apply for the Local Partner License to continue teaching this workshop format.


If you’re a MovNat Certified Trainer, you probably have some key questions about these changes. So, we want to invite you for a Zoom call this Thursday, April 7 at 11am EST, 5pm Berlin Time, with Jerome Rattoni (Licensing Program Director) and Bernd Reicheneder (Elements Workshops and Recertification Program Director).

During this call, they’ll outline these changes, answer your questions, and see how we can best help you both in 2022 and in the future! Check your email for today’s MCT newsletter to get the zoom link so you can join.