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From the Ground Up – Part 5 – Hanging Foot Pinch

The time to leave the ground has finally arrived.

We’ve rocked, rolled, crawled, balanced, and lifted on the ground. We’ve finally earned our stability “wings,” so its time to keep progressing.

Onward and upward.

In this video, we’ll be working a total beginner through fundamental climbing progressions. As you’ll soon discover, climbing is a much more intricate and diverse task than simply “pulling up.”

Check out our unique method for rebuilding the ability to defy gravity.

Enjoy, practice, discuss, and stay tuned…

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  1. Hello!! I’m super excited to have discovered you – it was via a Facebook post of Mark Frith a UK Freestyle yoga teacher – I’ve recently had an exercise epiphany realising that the gym isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. But as interested as I am in movement I’m also very interested in nutrition with strong belief in organic, unprocessed as possible and am intruiged to your take on the subject… would really appreciate your thoughts/advice. Paleo, vegetarian, vegan?
    Thanks so much