So far we’ve introduced you to many of the fundamental domains of MovNat®: ground movements, crawling, balancing, lifting, climbing, and jumping. So what’s missing?

Well, a quite a bit actually. But, of course, we save all the juicy stuff for our workshops and certifications….

Lets talk about carrying. You know, the movement pattern that almost always happens after lifting something in real life (but the fitness industry tends to neglect).

Like all Natural Movements, carrying is a puzzle the mind and body must solve in our efforts to interact with and influence our environment (read more here). Physiologically speaking, carrying is one of the most effective movements for forging a body with deep structural strength and timeless work capacity.

But, like all movements becoming skillful – i.e. effective and efficient – at carrying and “lapping” requires deliberate, mindful practice.

Enjoy, share, and continue to deepen your practice of Natural Movement®. Be sure tag @MovNat, and help us spread the movement!

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