In Video 6, we learned how to land properly into a depth jump.

But once baseline competence is displayed in jumping techniques, what’s next?

At MovNat, we don’t believe any movement skills can be truly mastered without progressing toward complex, real world environments.

In this video, we show you how to use training variables – what we call “VIC” – to develop true physical competence in the depth jump.


If you are a fitness professional and want to bring Natural Movement to your clients, MovNat Certifications will teach you all you need to know. Join the movement, get certified today.

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2 Responses to “From the Ground Up – Part 11 – Depth Jump”

  1. Linda Smibert

    I am a master’s level trainer….meaning I train people advanced past 50 in years. I call them masters due to their life experiences.
    My question….since I am a real believer in this population being able to maintain full body movement. Is your certification going to benefit my clientele?

    • Danny Clark

      Hi Linda,

      I work with “masters” as well ;] In my experience, my clients benefit more from my MovNat training than any other certification. The movements and progressions are more relevant for this age category than any other. The Get Ups, ground transitions, Crawling, and Balancing progressions are indispensable teaching tools and largely absent from the fitness industry.


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