In the last video of our “From the Ground Up” series, we expand upon strategies for improving the skill of balancing.

By understanding the concept of VIC, you’ll be able to plan intelligently for progress in any pattern and move better than you thought possible – all thanks to your body’s innate ability to adapt to contextual demands.

We hope you’ve enjoyed and benefited from this video series.

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3 Responses to “From the Ground Up – Part 12 – Balancing Progressions”

  1. mike

    excellent…at what point do you move on to the next progression…how much mastery do you have to have for each exercise

    • Danny Clark

      Hi Mike – Generally speaking, you can move forward in a balancing progression when the use of counterbalancing is minimal over the course of a long set. In other words, when you can execute a balancing sequence and consistently feel relaxed, its time to up the ante :]

  2. Jhorman

    wow that was soo cool, great series!


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