By Jerome Rattoni, MovNat Master Instructor

Sometimes, we encounter a situation where we need to jump down from an elevated surface. Or, perhaps we are falling down and need to land safely. Depending on the situation, you may be able to catch yourself in a squat and land via the General Landing technique. But from higher elevations, where the impact force of landing is much greater, a Foot Hand Landing may be best.

The Foot Hand Landing helps to disperse the impact force of landing from a downward jump all throughout your body, instead of just in the legs. It’s also the preferred technique when jumping down from a tall height and there is no room to roll.

Today, I’ll teach you some progressions to learn the Foot Hand Landing so you can build your confidence, be safe, and have fun when jumping down from heights.

Focus on the following technique tips:

  • Keep your back straight and use your legs to absorb most of the force to slow you down.
  • Slap your hands (not just the fingers) on the ground after lowering yourself into the deep knee bend in a quick “1-2” sequence.
  • Arms come between the knees
  • Keep your core tight and shoulders stabilized while you land. Exhaling upon impact may help.
  • Spring up and forward

In the beginning, practice from very low heights and increase the elevation and/or distance gradually as you build your confidence and improve your conditioning.

Once you can do a proper Foot Hand Landing, it opens up all kinds of new possibilities when moving in your environment. Enjoy!

About the Author

Jerome Rattoni is a MovNat Master Instructor, Relations Director, and the owner of ScarAbs Fit (MovNat Budapest), where he brings Natural Movement to people local to Hungary. You can connect with him on Instagram at @Jerome_Scarabs.

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