MovNat has a well rounded portfolio of E-course offerings to suit a wide variety of goals.

Oftentimes, our students come into the practice of Natural Movement with more than one goal. It’s very common to not only want to move more skillfully, but also move away from feeling pain/stiffness, improve mobility, increase fitness, etc.

This guide will clarify the goals of each program and help you select the right E-course(s) for you.

Level 1 Fundamentals: The “Best All Around” program

Best for:

  • Beginners
  • Those looking to get Level 1 certified
  • Those without severe mobility limitations
  • Those who like to be challenged, but don’t expect to get “smoked”
  • Those interested in moving better through learning technique

Level 1 Fundamentals has two main goals: (1) to build your foundation of movement efficiency and (2) to equalize your Natural Movement skillset. By achieving these two goals you will walk away with a solid base of practical movement skills which naturally will make you more mobile, stable, strong, conditioned, and overall more “balanced.” The program is organized into a 4 week program with 4 follow-along practice sessions per week.  Each week has specific and measurable goals to work toward.

L1F is considered our “flagship” E-course because it follows the exact programming structure we teach at our certifications, and is the best preparation tool if you plan on getting certified someday. Each practice session is broken up as follows:

Warm Up – About 5 minutes of ground movement. This serves to improve your mobility, as well as build skill in the fundamental movements such as breathing, sitting, kneeling, and getting up/down. 

Emphases – About 15-20 minutes of teaching and practice.  This is where you work on becoming more skillful and stronger in all the classic MovNat skills such as crawling, balancing, lifting, climbing, etc.

Combo – About 10-15 minutes of conditioning and integration of skills. Your instructor will lead you through a sequence of movements and you’ll continue on your own for 3-5 total rounds.

The beauty of L1F is it helps achieve both body restoration and physical fitness goals, while keeping the focus on developing real world capability. L1F is the only beginner level E-course that will teach you the movements you’ll find in the Level 1 certification, such as the Side Swing Traverse and the Side Vault. For this reason, L1F is best suited for those that feel ready to be challenged at a basic level, are patient enough to slow down and practice technique, and are NOT expecting to get “smoked” with non-stop high intensity movement during the session. L1F is our best “middle way” program for building an excellent foundation of Natural Movement skill.

MovNat Mobility: The “Entry Point” program

Best for:

  • Beginners
  • Those with moderate to severe mobility limitations
  • Those who want to work on flexibility and stability
  • Those who want feel comfortable on the floor through a well rounded ground movement practice

MovNat Mobility’s goal is to improve your range of motion, coordination, and control through the most fundamental movements in the MovNat curriculum. Everyone we’ve ever taught – from elite military operators to average 9-5ers – can benefit tremendously from slowing down and working on the most basic of movements such as breathing, sitting, kneeling, and getting up/down. The investment in practice time is well spent, as this sets you up for a lifetime of the sought after feeling of lightness in your body and grace in your movements. 

This is a 4 week, 3 session per week, 30 minute follow-along program. Each week has goals that will help you work toward important mobility milestones such as being able to hold a deep squat for a certain amount of time, being able to hold proper posture, and eventually even being able to roll backward.

For those with moderate to severe mobility restrictions, there is an entire video on how to make modifications to ensure the practice is approachable. Your instructor also employs the use of bolsters and other props in the practice sessions to make the goals outlined in this program more accessible and achievable for all. 

MovNat Mobility is an excellent program to pair with any other E-course, but especially Level 1 Fundamentals. For those who need a longer “on-ramp” into the MovNat system, this combination of E-courses will build your skill from A to Z in a very gradual and progressive way.  For those that like challenge, but are willing to slow down and spend the time building a solid foundation “from the ground up” this combination will give you everything you need to safely and efficiently begin your journey through the entire MovNat curriculum.

MovNat Metabolic: The “Classic Fitness” program

Best for:

  • All levels, but especially intermediate level movers that have a base of movement skill from MovNat or another discipline
  • Those looking to focus on body composition improvement
  • Those interested in maximizing conditioning
  • Those who like high intensity workouts and “feeling the burn”

MovNat Metabolic is where traditional fitness meets practical Natural Movement. You’ll be practicing your real world skills while developing the type of conditioning that gives you the confidence to embark on any adventure. This E-course allocates its energy toward delivering you heart pounding, lung pumping, lactic acid burning action while still emphasizing the movement quality and practical skills MovNat is known for.

The practice sessions found in this E-course are way more structured than most generic “beatdown” style workouts. This 8 week program is progressive, and therefore, follows a formula that allows you to “ramp up” gradually and safely. Even if you are deconditioned and/or you’ve never followed a traditional fitness program, MovNat Metabolic will help you reach “elite” levels of fitness over the course of the program.

MovNat Metabolic includes a video library that helps ensure you have at least baseline efficiency with all the movements used in the program. Further, it includes a guide that outlines all of the sessions in case you want to repeat the program without watching the follow-along videos.

Whether you are interested in changing your body composition or just feeling strong and more conditioned, MovNat Metabolic teaches you how to properly rev your inner engine and see what you’re made of. This E-course would pair well with L1F, especially if you plan on embarking down the path of getting certified and/or teaching MovNat to others.

Natural Movement Fundamentals: The “Integrated” Program

Best for:

  • Those that like a “joint by joint” approach to Natural Movement
  • Those that like to “zoom in” on specific areas of the body but also “zoom out” to whole body movements
  • Those that want the benefits of both a restorative approach and a more challenging fitness based approach all in one program

Natural Movement Fundamentals is a collaboration between MovNat’s Performance Director, Danny Clark and the founder of Nutritious Movement, Katy Bowman. This awesome “co-lab” was our very first E-course, and offers a synergy between two very different but complimentary approaches to moving more naturally. It combines Katy’s more restorative, “zoomed in” approach to creating more natural movement at each joint with Danny’s more skill based, “zoomed out” approach that reflects MovNat’s emphasis on real world capability through the whole body techniques found in the practice of Natural Movement.

Unlike L1F, NMF is not a goal directed, multi week program but rather is broken down into 7 classes that can be utilized however you choose.  Each class not only covers improving movement of the whole body, but also the key movement domains such as Ground Movement, Crawling, Jumping, and Climbing found in the practice of Natural Movement. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of how to move each region of your body, as well as how to integrate those lessons into practical skills that will serve you in your life.