By Stefano Tripney, MovNat Team Instructor

Want to know how to put MovNat into a workout?

Here’s a beginner-level MovNat Combo Workout to get your heart pumping and muscles burning while you’re improving your natural movement skills.

Instructions: Repeat the following movements in a circuit fashion 3-5 times (i.e. one after the other with minimal or no rest), keeping your total training time under 20 minutes:

  • CRAWL: 10 meter foot and hand crawl (regression: knee/hand crawl – progression: foot/forearm crawl)
  • CLIMB: 5-30 second hang (regression: vertical hang with squat for assistance – progression: 5 hanging knee tucks)
  • JUMP: 5 leg swing jumps (regression: single leg deadlift – progression: forward jump – to a precision landing, for added challenge)
  • BALANCE: Walking on a 2.5 meter beam 4 times w/ pivot on both ends (regression: just walking or just pivoting – progression: carry a load)
  • GET-UP: 6 alternating tripod get-ups (regression: 5 foot hand crawl get-ups – progression: 5 rocking squat get-ups)

MovNat Combos are a way to get a “workout” while you’re putting your movement skills to the test. You can get a lot of practice in and a lot of work done in minimal time – making them a great option for busy people, or as a final challenge “finisher” to conclude your MovNat practice sessions.

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