Rebecca Speirs, who is a self-described “active 40-something with a desk job,” graciously sent us an inspiring video she created about her MovNat journey. Rebecca says she was “inspired to learn the fundamentals of movement by learning MovNat. I’m now L1 & 2 MovNat Certified. I had a long way to go when I started, and it’s a journey, but it is possible and so worth it!”

Why I Learned MovNat: How Awesome and Empowering it is to Become More Physically Capable

By Rebecca Speirs, Level 2 MovNat Certified Trainer

I became aware of MovNat in 2016 through doing parkour classes in Wellington, New Zealand.  I took the class to help prepare for the Age Group Cross Triathlon World Championships in Australia which involved an obstacle course. The instructors were MovNat-trained and I enjoyed learning movement fundamentals like vaulting that I hadn’t done much of since school, and never been formally ‘taught’ to do properly.

After the triathlon, I started training with Timon Wilkinson of Bonobo gym in Wellington, and he inspired me to do MovNat Level 1&2, which I did with Matt Rutley in Melbourne in April 2018. It was an incredible learning experience and I had a fair way to go to meet even level 1 standard!

I put a lot of effort into working on my skills following the course and passed level 1 and a fair amount level 2 skills, but had a few areas to develop in.  I decided to do the MovNat Online Coaching to help me with the popup, clean and jerk, and front vault.  I worked with Melissa Sher for a couple of months and she was great at making really specific, helpful feedback; often drawing lines onto images of me doing something to point out an adjustment or making a video clip of herself performing a movement to help me understand it better and enable me to play it in slow motion to see what was happening. I think it also really helped me to have a female coach as a role model and to see coaching videos of women performing these movements.

I retook Level 2 in Auckland later in 2018 and passed everything apart from the front vault, which compared with where I had been in April, was a massive improvement! I did another month of coaching after the course to focus on the front vault, and finally cracked it.

I have kept practicing since and passed the two-year recertification with flying colours recently.

MovNat has helped me feel more empowered by becoming more physically capable and helped show me that what seems impossible can become possible with persistence, seeking help when needed.

I’m now exploring options to start a regular class in my home city – Tauranga, New Zealand.  If you’re interested get in touch! – message me via or email via

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