Introducing MovNat Online Coaching

By Danny Clark, Performance Director

Since 2008, MovNat has been pioneering the path of reinstating the lineage of natural physical education. Today we’re proud to introduce our newest outreach: online coaching.


We knew we needed to be more accessible, but we didn’t want to sacrifice the essential ingredient for success: quality coaching. After all, a one-size-fits-all online “program” isn’t the driving force of progress. Quality coaching from experienced professionals is what creates lasting success. And as a team, MovNat’s top trainers are extremely dedicated to teaching people how to move more effortlessly through their environment via the MovNat method. With only a dozen certification instructors and a few dozen Level 3 MCTs in the world, we needed a better way to have our most passionate, qualified coaches reach those that need/want it most. Through this platform, we’ll be able to reach more people and help them on a longer timeline. While nothing beats in-person coaching from a MCT, we have developed the next best way to have keen eyes and the best minds in the business supporting your training, no matter where you are located.

How it Works

MovNat Online Coaching provides high-touch, personalized online coaching from highly experienced MovNat Certified Trainers and unsurpassed customer service. This includes:

  1. Individualized programming delivered through a convenient, user-friendly app (FitBot) that you can use right on your phone
  2. Regular video-conference calls with your coach
  3. Video breakdown of every single practice session from your coach, with a rapid turnaround time so that you always have feedback before your next practice session
  4. Access to the amazing community of all MNOC clients and coaches in our private forum, where you can ask questions, discuss training, programming, and nutrition, and receive encouragement and support from others in the MNOC family



The cost for MNOC will be $299 for the first month, and $199/month auto-draft after that (3-month minimum commitment, then month-to-month).

HEADS UP: For the first 500 clients, we will offer introductory pricing of $279 for the first month, and $179/mo auto-draft after that, grandfathered for life. We are confident that this introductory price will sell out very, very quickly, so don’t wait. We will not offer this introductory rate again, and we don’t offer discounts for special demographics. So get in quickly if you want to snag the cheaper rate for life.

To keep things simple, there is only one pricing option: Online Coaching, which includes programming, video breakdown, and general eating-for-performance guidelines.

Note 1: We are not a nutrition coaching service – we do not offer highly-detailed nutrition coaching/consulting at MNOC, as those services are outside the scope of our expertise and certification. Detailed consulting beyond some general dietary recommendations will be left to the discretion of the individual coach based on client needs and the coach’s qualifications and willingness (depending on applicable state law).
Note 2: For those desiring introductory pricing, it will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Do not sign-up for introductory pricing and request a “hold” on your membership for a period of time. Clients are expected to begin service at the time of sign up.



We work with virtually any demographic: total beginner, experienced health/fitness professional, male/female, young/old, and students both inside and outside the United States. We have capable, experienced coaches who are able to handle any of these populations. Not everyone will follow the same trajectory of practice or programming, but everyone will follow the MovNat method of refining the foundational movements to the best of their ability first and the programming model is based on that individual’s personal goals and level of training advancement.

However, it should be clear that we coach for equalized natural movement capability first and aesthetic improvement and/or conditioning strictly as a byproduct of that performance. Additionally, we coach natural movement using the a “From the Ground Up” approach. Specialization cycles for specific strength, conditioning, mobility, can be coached after the foundation has been built – but we will refer out if your goals become so specific or far from natural movement that we think a more specialized coach can better serve you.


Getting Started

Upon registration and payment, you will receive a detailed questionnaire regarding individual goals, training history, past injuries, etc. You will also receive a “Getting Started” document with step-by-step guides to help:

  1. Access and login to FitBot
  2. Get connected with your coach and the MNOC community in our private forum
  3. Start training with videos on how to perform the movements correctly, how to video yourself, and how to upload those videos for your coach’s review
  4. Answer any questions you have with our detailed FAQs

After submitting your questionnaire, you will be paired with a MovNat Certified Trainer based on demographics, personality, client needs, and coach availability. We take your coach assignment very seriously and will endeavor to select the best coach for you. You will then perform a diagnostic “test” workout that will give you and your coach a baseline to work from. Upon completion of this workout (and technique review), your coach will begin doing all of your programming, online coaching, and video breakdowns.


Our Coaches’ Support for Better Customer Service

MovNat is proud of our team of coaches and staff. Each MCT (and each of their clients) will be on a “team” with four other coaches (and their respective clients).
Each team has a “Team Leader” who will support the coaches on their team and help maintain MovNat’s standards and our quality of service. If a particular coach can’t respond to a student’s videos within 24 hours because of travel or work, then the Team Leader (or other coach on the team) will provide video breakdown and feedback to help cover, on occasion, for the primary coach.  By working in teams, we can provide the highest quality in continuous/unbroken service to our clients.

Our initial Team Leaders are myself (Danny Clark), Abby Clark, Kellen Milad, Craig Rice, Stefano Tripney, Eric Brown, and Bernd Reicheneder.  Every coach and every client at MNOC will be on one of these teams. As we grow, we’ll add more teams and more team leaders.

Ultimately, we believe we have developed an efficient system that will allow you to maximize your time with your coach and help you reach your goals faster than is possible training on your own. If you’ve been searching for help, but don’t have access to a MCT because of location, schedule, or cost, then MovNat Online Coaching could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Make an investment in your future by investing in natural movement this summer. You won’t be sorry.


Our service will launch on June 6th, 2017. Get on our mailing list here and get access a full 24 hours before everyone else, or before we sell out.