By Jerome Rattoni, MovNat Master Instructor

The Leg Hook is a beginner to intermediate level climbing skill that builds, develops, and requires a strong and mobile core. It also serves as a resting position as well as a transition into several other climbing skills. Building a strong and efficient Leg Hook will do your body good and open up many new movement possibilities. Even though this is a fundamental natural movement that we teach in our Level 1 Certifications, many people find the Leg Hook to be quite challenging at first.


Every proper Leg Hook has 5 key steps.

  1. Scapula Pull
  2. Knee Tuck
  3. Hip Rotation
  4. Hip Elevation
  5. Leg Hook

Here it is in action…

Once you have the step-by-step technique, focus on:

  • Smoothing it out, especially the hip rotation and elevation steps, which can be integrated into one congruent movement.
  • Try exhaling as you begin the Knee Tuck and as you rotate and elevate your hips.
  • Manage the balance of tension and relaxation, only using as much effort as is necessary to complete the movement.

If you can do a proper Leg Hook, challenge yourself to see if you can do five smooth repetitions on each side, resting only if needed.

About the Author

Jerome Rattoni is a MovNat Master Instructor, Relations Director, and the owner of ScarAbs Fit (MovNat Budapest), where he brings Natural Movement to people local to Hungary. You can connect with him on Instagram at @Jerome_Scarabs.

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