E-Book: Intermediate MovNat Training Guide


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Intermediate MovNat Training Guide: 20 weeks of Natural Movement Workouts

This E-Book provides you with all you need to get started NOW and move you towards a future of increased freedom, strength, balance, and overall physical competency!


Who is this Intermediate Workouts E-Book for?

  • Anyone seeking to PROGRESS their MovNat practice to the Intermediate level, unlocking new skills & competencies.
  • Fitness professionals seeking a STRUCTURED template for running successful and engaging intermediate-level MovNat Training sessions.
  • Anyone PREPARING for (or considering) the MovNat Level 2 Certification.
  • Those seeking to build the CONFIDENCE to attend any LIVE MovNat Event with improved movement and fitness abilities.
  • Perfect for those new to MovNat who are looking for a fresh and unique PERSPECTIVE on what FITNESS can be!
  • Anyone eager to ENJOY the FREEDOM that comes with MovNat Training.
  • Those looking to EMPOWER themselves by elevating physical competence BEYOND Intermediate and into Advanced level training.
  • Anyone aiming to improve their LONGEVITY through increased mobility, strength, balance and overall physical competency.

Notice: We recommend that you complete the
MovNat Training for Beginners E-Book prior to advancing to to the Intermediate level workouts contained in this E-Book.

What you get in the MovNat Intermediate Workouts E-Book:

  • 20 Weeks of Programming
  • 179 NEW skill & movement videos, linked in every workout
  • 3 Sessions Every Week
  • 4 Parts To Each Session: Warm-Up, Skill(s), Combos, Cool-Down
  • 4 Combo Styles: Mixed Combo, Get Up Combo, Challenge Combo, Sandwich Combo
  • Convenient list of fitness equipment and/or natural objects needed to complete the 20 weeks of workouts
  • 77 total pages – including detailed guidelines for each piece of the session structure: Warm-Up, Skill(s) and Combo
  • Total of 60 unique and fun opportunities to move your body naturally!

Intermediate MovNat Training” will help you confidently guide yourself through NEW movement explorations, and challenge you to bring your movement competency to the next level.


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Due to the digital nature of this product, there are no refunds or exchanges. All sales are final.