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MovNat® Community Service License

Become a Certified MovNat® Community Leader
Join the World Leader in Natural Movement® Fitness and become part of a global network of Natural Movement® Fitness providers.

What is the Community Service License?
The MovNat Community Service License is required for individuals and facilities interested in offering Natural Movement instruction or MovNat classes for free as a community service being offered in association with a current 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The MovNat Community Service License grants the licensee the opportunity to offer official MovNat Natural Movement® classes and instruction at an approved facility, as well as in the great outdoors, provided that no fees or donations of any kind are collected.

What are the benefits?
The MovNat Community Service License grants the licensee the right to use MovNat’s trademarks, logos, class profiles and teaching materials, as well as promotional materials including print, digital and video media to promote your Community Service classes. Once your Community Service license has been approved, you can teach and promote unlimited MovNat Natural Movement classes for one year.  The Community Service License also allows you to purchase and teach MovNat Natural Movement Classes on MovNat’s revolutionary new Natural Movement® Modular Equipment System.

Upon acceptance and approval of your application, you will receive an official MovNat Community Service License Certificate to display in your facility. Your facility will also be added to our online MovNat Community Service provider locator at so those in need in your community can find you.

What’s more, you will receive new class profiles every month for teaching private MovNat instruction, small and large size MovNat Natural Movement® classes, and access to our vast library of Natural Movement videos.

What are the requirements?
To become a MovNat Community Service Licensee, you must have a permanent business address associated with an approved non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

To apply, please e-mail the following to [email protected]

• A statement of your intended use for the Community Service License and how it will benefit the community
• A letter of association and a certificate of 501(c)(3) status from your partnering non-profit organization
• Proof of current liability insurance and business license from the partnering facility

Licensees must comply with all appropriate laws and regulations in your region.

What’s the cost?
+ MovNat® Community Service License

No cost for approved licensees.