Scott Southworth

Team Instructor & Expert Trainer

Scott never planned on being a trainer, let alone owning a gym.  But sometimes things work out better than our plans.  Scott has been coaching for over a decade now at his studio Catalyst Personal Training in Houston.  He comes from a background in wrestling, parkour, and rock climbing but his schooling was in the Social Sciences.  Over the past decade, Scott has received certifications through various credentialing groups including the ACSM, CrossFit, TRX, and, most currently, MovNat. 

Scott was introduced to MovNat through the Houston Parkour scene in 2012. He opened MovNat Houston in 2021 as a place to help grow the local MovNat community and give fellow MCTs the space and structure to sharpen their coaching skills.

Having never been someone who loves “working out”, Scott understands the complicated relationships people have with their bodies, exercise, and food.  This helps keep him down to earth and always in touch with the human side of being a coach.  This understanding and more than a decade of working with hundreds of clients and mentoring dozens of coaches gives Scott the experience and perspective he needs to work with people from every walk of life.


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Email: [email protected]

Instagram:@movnat.houston and @scott__southworth