Marcelo Arancibia

Team Instructor

Marcelo (“Coach Marce”) has been involved as a MovNat Certified Trainer since 2019. He is a physical therapist and a specialist in human performance. A true movement enthusiast.

Marce is the CEO and director of Movement Solutions, a human performance company that provides services to individuals seeking to enhance their performance through movement.

He has been passionate about movement since he was young, engaging in various sports. To this day, he continues to physically and mentally prepare himself for the real world, which is a primary reason why he was so drawn to MovNat – its practical applications in the real world. *See his amazing video below demonstrating his passion for training MovNat for practical application!

Marcelo uses MovNat to train athletes, individuals from the general population, and as an excellent system for rehabilitating humans, serving as a physical therapist in Chile.

Additionally, he is passionate about sharing his knowledge through different channels such as social media and various institutions that require his educational services.

Marcelo is married to his beloved wife Belen, with whom he shares a love for exploring the world in search of beautiful places for natural training.


Connect with Marcelo

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @coach_marce

Podcast: Always in Movement

What MovNat means to Marcelo