Alex Schenker

Team Instructor & Expert Trainer

Alex’s dream has always been to understand the subtleties of what it means to move naturally and efficiently. He has devoted his life to understanding the meaning of freedom of movement and what it takes to maintain vibrant health. For nearly two decades, everything he has done with his life has been in concert with this ambition and deep interest. As the founder of Natural Mobility, and an active content creator on YouTube and other platforms, Alex strives to share his experience with anyone who is open to learning.

He was raised in a health-conscious household and introduced to meditation, yoga and healing energy work by his mother. He also had the influence of strength training from his father, a bodybuilder, and a deep passion for martial arts since early childhood. He started taking martial arts more seriously when he discovered Taijutsu in 2004, earning his 5th degree black belt in Japan and becoming an instructor in 2017.

This all worked together to influence his enrollment in a 2 year Shiatsu diploma program in 2005 that included meridian stretching and Sotai therapy. He has been practicing professionally ever since, along with teaching the self-treatment techniques that go with these therapeutic practices.

In 2015, Alex discovered MovNat, and by 2018, he had completed the Level 3, Combatives, and Aquatics certifications. Now as a team instructor, he leads trainer certifications, workshops, and classes. Alex believes in cultivating the MovNat community, and is passionate about maintaining a connection between local practitioners, so that everyone can learn from and support one another. Alex has taken numerous courses and certifications throughout the last decade, but nothing has impacted him quite as deeply as MovNat. He believes in the philosophy of “Each One Teach One”, and loves to find things to learn from teachers and students alike.

Most recently, Alex has been studying a 450-year-old tradition of Japanese swordsmanship called Hyoho Taisha Ryu Kenjutsu, which is largely about developing a very precise and natural efficiency in movement, particularly walking, shifting/transferring weight, manipulation, and whole-body coordination.

These modalities are all vital components of Alex’s approach. From his perspective, a balanced movement practice requires elements of self-treatment, mobility development, injury prevention, and athletics, in the appropriate proportions for each case. His approach to lifestyle is simple, and focused on the way we consume, breathe, move, think, and connect with our environment. His vision is to help guide people who are ready to devote themselves to making a change in their life and habits, and cultivating a community around the MovNat lifestyle.


  • MovNat Expert Trainer (Level 3, Aquatics, Combatives)
  • Bujinkan Shidoshi (Martial Arts Instructor)
  • Licensed Shiatsu Therapist (LST)
  • Kinseiryuhou Koshiki Kenbiki Basic Level Practitioner
  • FRCms (Functional Range Conditioning mobility specialist)
  • Agatsu Steel Mace & Club Certification
  • ANFT Certified Forest Therapy Guide


Connect with Alex

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @naturalmobility



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