You are meant to shine

What is the best way for a cougar, a wolf or an eagle to get fit?  I’m sure the question makes you smile. Now imagine those beautiful wild animals in the weight room trying to isolate their muscles so they can work them out to failure and then stepping on the elliptical for some cardio training on the side.
Now you’re probably laughing because the image looks totally ridiculous.  That’s right, it’s actually completely laughable.  It’s ridiculous because wild animals don’t need to isolate muscles and use machines.  They don’t compartmentalize fitness like we do.

Moving strong, moving gracefully, moving free…Moving NATURALLY.

Why would you ever trade your freedom of movement for this?

To be fit animals simply need to move in ways that are natural to their own species.  The cougar will move like tigers do.  The wolf will move like wolves do.  The eagle will move like eagles do.  So why should it be any different in us?
Because we’re more evolved and know better?  So what is it exactly modern humans do to be fit that is that clever?  Invent sophisticated machines that shrink and dictate motion to better isolate specific muscles and make them bigger?  Have you step on ellipticals like hamsters in a wheel while you can keep watching TV?  Make you see your own body as if it was a machine and then have it behave like one?  This shows a profound ignorance of the natural and amazing potential we all possess. Because we are not machines.  We are highly evolved, beautiful organic beings, and we are meant to move the way humans move, in practical, adaptive and even creative ways.

To wild animals movement it is not a chore, not a temporary punishment for being physically lazy and out of shape, not an optional activity just for better looks.  To them it is nothing but a biological necessity. And they achieve amazing levels of fitness by moving the ways they are designed to move by nature.  They move naturally.  We can achieve the same level of fitness, health and freedom of movement by following nature’s design.  Human beings can be absolutely amazing in the way they move, because their movement potential is so incredibly versatile.  We can walk, run, balance, crawl, jump, climb, swim, lift, carry,throw and catch, strike or grapple.  We can adapt our movement patterns to many environments and situations.

MovNat is a physical education and fitness system entirely based on the full range of natural human movement skills.  It teaches you how to move with technique and efficiency, with ease, agility and power. Our observation is that the most effective and applicable conditioning stems from the practice of natural movement skills. It is that simple. It is about physical competency for practical performance.  In a nutshell, it is about fitness for real life and the real world.  You train for life.

The most depressing toy ever?

But we have become zoo humans, people.  We live unnatural lives, separated from nature and the nature within ourselves.  Living in artificial environments, artificial lights and air, fed unnatural food.  Even the way we exercise is unnatural.  We are collectively becoming more and more weak, sick, depressed.
But none of this is a fatality.  We can become true to our nature again, and be strong, healthy, happy and free.  But we can’t buy this, we can’t order it online. It is our universal birthright if we follow nature’s principles.   We simply need a new perception, a new mindset, and a strategy.  Being healthy and fit is not a state but a process, and we have to engage in that process every day of our lives, consciously and with commitment.
Now imagine a nation of people,  individuals, neighbors and colleagues, couples, families and friends who everyday will get their body and mind moving in natural ways.  Who would be committed to getting stronger and healthier together, and more happy and free in the process.  Imagine the empowerment at an individual and collective level, for yourself and your community.  Because if you can’t empower yourself, who will?

This nation in movement I call it the MovNation.
If you’re sick and tired of being a zoo human, join it, join the MovNation now.  Come back to and get inspired and motivated.  Starting now January 2nd, we will regularly provide tips for everyone to get started movnatting and living a more natural, healthier lifestyle.  There is more to building the body than building muscles and there is more to building a human being than just building the body.  Moving naturally is absolutely essential component of a healthy lifestyle.  More, it is an expression of who you are as a human being.

Of course 2012 was not going to be the year of the end of the world.  But it could be that 2013 is the beginning of a new life for you, your family, friends or colleagues.  Reclaim authentic movement so you can grow strong and age gracefully.  Get started movnatting now and start exercise your freedom.  Empower yourself and allow yourself to shine.

Happy New Year to all!

Erwan Le Corre
Founder of MovNat


Start the new year with this simple MovNat combo workout.  Grab a 2×4 board, toss it on the floor or ground.  You can use the concrete ledge of a sidewalk if you don’t have one.  Anything narrow enough that will challenge your balance will do.  If you don’t have a – self-made – hurdle like the one in the video, you can for instance use a piece of string attached between two chairs, or two stakes planted in the ground.  As for the flat stones, you can use two pieces of plank, two books, two pieces of cardboard, or anything like that providing a restricted surface for landing.  You see, you can create a safe and scalable environment for your MovNat training using very simple and cheap accessories.  There’s no excuse!


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