Welcome to Our New MovNat International Instructor, Joseph Bartz

Joseph Bartz grew up by the beautiful Baltic Sea in Rostock, Germany, where he trained in track and field and tennis.  Later, he trained in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu and also discovered Parkour, which he has been practicing since 2006.

He was never really that intrigued by tennis and track and field, because he liked to move freely and considers himself only mildly competitive. And he found that training only locomotive movements (the base of Parkour) was not holistic enough for him, so he broadened his training and incorporated lifting, throwing, and other skills.

‘Joseph understood early on that walking barefoot is important to get a sense for how you are really moving.’

He enjoys training outdoors in the woods and has always walked barefoot as much as possible. His youth was spent training, eating, sleeping and going to school (which he sometimes skipped to go outside instead). A funny story: when Joseph graduated from school, he went barefoot to his oral examination and he wasn’t allowed to take part because he was barefoot.

In Germany, in 2009, Joseph started his own company called “Natur-Pfade”and began teaching Parkour with ParkourONE in Berlin as a Head Coach.  He was well aware of  Erwan Le Corre’s work with MovNat,  because he would read Erwan’s posts on the parkour.net forum.

‘When Joseph saw the first MovNat video, he was glad that this approach to training now had a platform to make it known to more people.’

Joseph attended the first MovNat 1-day workshop in Edinburgh in 2010. More recently, Joseph has had the privilege of assisting Vic Verdier, MovNat Master Instructor, with teaching several workshops in Berlin, London, and Thailand.

‘Joseph is now a MovNat Team Instructor, and he will teach the MovNat international workshops scheduled for 2012.’

Joseph continues to move and train in the forests around Berlin and has been learning to become a wilderness teacher, instructing people on how to live in the wild.

He believes that the MovNat approach to training is extremely important for our society — and for relearning the lost knowledge of how to move efficiently and naturally.  He personally tries to live a simple life, experience nature, and be in a dialogue with nature through movement.

‘In his words: “Moving around, eating well and being in nature is key to a healthy life. If all this comes together, that is best.”’

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