Wednesday, November 24th

The MovNat Team is growing!

I am pleased to announce that a very special new member is joining the MovNat team.
Jamie Guined is an exercise scientist at NASA and has a contagious passion for an evolutionary approach to health and exercise; naturally, she’s joining the MovNat team!
Jamie will be assisting with the optimization and/or validation some aspects of the MovNat book as well as the curriculum of the much-anticipated MovNat certification program.

Jamie is also joining the MovNat Scientific Advisory Board, which lines up several high-profile scientists in a variety of fields all related to MovNat.  The list of our scientific collaborators will be announced in the near future.

You can read below Jamie’s review of her first MovNat experience.

When I stumbled upon Erwan Le Corre’s MovNat site, I knew right away that I had found something that had the potential to change the way we think about fitness and performance enhancement.  Little did I know that it would become the impetus for a paradigm shift of my own philosophy on general fitness, exercise, and strength and conditioning.
After having the great privilege of receiving instruction from Erwan himself during a one-day workshop event in Houston, Texas, I came away with an understanding not of something that I had forgotten, but of something that I had never known.  Movement that is primal, natural, instinctual, and meaningful.

MovNat explores all facets of human movement, not only in a way that is physical, but also in a way that is cerebral and perhaps even spiritual.  Through interactions with the environment in new and challenging ways, MovNat forces you to adapt at all levels of your Being.  The complexity of the movements stimulates new or forgotten neuro-muscular pathways that, after time, result in more efficient movement.  The implications for having the ability to positively impact human performance cannot be overstated.  After the workshop, I came away with a better understanding of what my functional and adaptive limitations are, and how I can use MovNat to improve them.  In my personal opinion, and also speaking as an Exercise Scientist and strength coach, MovNat training should be at the heart of every good athlete’s physical conditioning program.  After all, you can’t build a skyscraper without a strong and solid foundation.

To take it one step further, I also feel that MovNat is the way to go for the ‘Average Joe’ who may be looking to improve their health and fitness.  MovNat is scalable to the extent that it can be tailored to suit the needs of anyone and everyone.  MovNat by its very nature is inclusive, and not something that is exclusive like many of today’s popular exercise programs.

If you think that MovNat is nothing more than running through the woods, skipping rocks, and hanging from branches, I challenge you to put your own skills to the test and join Erwan for a workshop or retreat.  You will come away a changed person and will have more respect and a greater understanding of the movement potential we possess as “human animals.”  Move more.  MovNat.

She has also posted another review on her personal blog here.   Thanks and welcome Jamie!

Erwan and Robb after their presentation

Last, I am posting a video that contains excerpts of the presentation I recently gave to a group of NASA scientists in Houston.  I have selected only some of the philosophical aspects of the MovNat training system from this 45 minute talk.  For more information regarding the MovNat training system, you will have to be patient and order a copy of the book, scheduled to be published in 2012 (We all need to challenge this obsessive culture of  immediacy!).

Erwan Le Corre