The MovNat 1-Day: A Challenge That Leaves You Ready for More: Guest Post by Christopher Rutz

I just wrapped up my 1-Day MovNat workshop in Arizona. I had been looking forward to getting a better understanding of MovNat for a number of years. Having read a few articles, watched a few videos and checked out their Facebook page, I figured I had a pretty good idea of what I was getting myself into.

Chris - doing his thing.

‘I would describe myself as an early adopter of fitness ‘trends.’ I have been Crossfitting since 2006, wearing Vibram Five Fingers since 2008, training on playgrounds and running around local trails carrying rocks for a number of years.’

So the idea of learning of MovNat barefoot in a public park in the heart of Phoenix with 5 strangers was not a huge leap for me.

‘Some people yearn for the latest technological gadgets to make their lives better;  me –  I prefer to search out the most practical ways to train to make my life better.’

The day started out meeting Brian Tabor and my fellow MovNat newbies. We were all there for different reasons ranging from managing a midlife crisis to a coach wanting to apply MovNat principles to Crossfit. We were all drawn there by what we had heard about MovNat in the media, and we felt it had something to offer us. After a brief intro ‘lecture” from Brian, we immediately went into MovNat movements. Today was going to be a very interactive and somewhat physical day in the park. Brian started out with something along the lines of: “Today, we will be those weird people you have seen working out in park.”

Over the course of  the morning, we practiced balancing, walking, and climbing. I know what you are thinking:  you already know how to walk. Well, so did I, but we added some elements to walking that made it more dynamic and interesting. Let’s just say there was a good deal of visualization and use of the equipment in the park.

‘Next up was balancing and walking along railings a few feet off the ground. A little intimidating, but safe as we were never pushed beyond our comfort zone.  By this time, we had all shed our Five Fingers and were eager for the next challenge.’

When was the last time you climbed a tree? We learned not just how to climb a tree, but how to do it as efficiently as possible.  If you have seen pictures of MovNat workshops, I am sure you have seen the “pole climb.”  I have to admit climbing the poles in the park was the highlight of my day. I figured it would be pretty tough, but I shimmied right up the pole on my first try. I am now capable of harvesting my own coconut water.

After a quick break for lunch, we learned how to crawl around on the ground. We practiced the bear crawl and the crab walk.

‘Brian also introduced us the one of my new favorites: the werewolf. While working on ground movements, we also learned rolling and tumbling movements. This is probably my area of greatest weakness.’

Once we were back on our feet, we decided to play a game of tag. If you are sick of running 400m repeats on a track, I would suggest a game of tag with a few of your training buddies. Set your stopwatch, play tag for minute, rest and repeat.  Then we found some huge rocks to lift and carry, and closed out the day carrying each other around the park. That was a lot to pack into one day and one blog post. I was pretty tired after a full day of learning.  As the team at MovNat suggests:

‘”Dip your toe in the waters with our one-day workshops, before taking the big splash of the multiple-day workshops.”  This is definitely a way to find out more and see if MovNat is right for you.’

But be forewarned: if you are anything like me, you will be checking your calendar to see when you can get away for multi-day workshop.

Chris with the Phoenix MovNat Group

Christopher Rutz is a Paleo eating, Crossfitting, obstacle racer based in Scottsdale, AZ. You can follow him at and at Tough Training on Facebook.

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  1. Jesse Drelick says:

    Great article. Chris is a good guy and a heck of an athlete. I came a cross MovNat from his website and have incorporated some of these concepts in my training. Good stuff.

  2. Guy says:

    Thanks for the article Chris. Our 1-Day workshop in Orlando is only three weeks off and I look forward to June 2nd even more! Exciting!


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