Sunday, January 6th

The 7 MovNat Healthy Lifestyle Principles

MovNat goes for “moving naturally” or “movement in nature”, and has a strong emphasis on physical education through the practice of all natural human movement skills.  Yet, it has always been by extension an approach to a healthy lifestyle based on natural, and universal principles, involving more than just movement and fitness.

Today we would like to share with you the 7 MovNat Healthy Lifestyle principles, an outline of the principles which combined will support a truly healthy, sustainable, and enjoyable life.  The 7 MovNat Lifestyle principles are the outcome of a fruitful collaboration between Erwan le Corre, founder of MovNat, and Bob Rakowski our lifestyle expert.  Expect regular insights into a healthy lifestyle soon!


The 7 MovNat Healthy Lifestyle Principles

How to be True to Your Nature and Enjoy Strength, Health, Happiness and Freedom.


1  Eat & Drink Right

What we eat and drink on a daily basis is of paramount importance for maintaining or restoring health.


2  Poop & Eliminate Right

Gut health is essential for proper nutrient absorption and toxin elimination, and it is intimately related to our dietary choices.


3  Sleep & Recover Right

Restful sleep and adequate recovery time are essential for the optimal effectiveness of all other healthy lifestyle choices.


4  Move & Breathe right

An active body regularly performing a wide variety of natural movement patterns acquires great athleticism and a high level of physical competence.


5 Think & Talk Right

The way we think, our own perception of events, how we express ourselves and interact with others and the world has a profound influence on how happy we feel.


6  Love & Touch right

Kind and loving human touch, as well as sensuality and a healthy sexuality help us to be relaxed, balanced, positive and loving.


7  Connect With & Immerse in Nature Right

For ultimate health, fitness and happiness, our basic human biology requires that we connect with the powerful energies of natural environments.